Guys tied up primarily wearing Sneakers, along with Jeans, Gear, and/or Boots. I love to do it, and have it done to me, so I hope you enjoy this fun blog. If you really love sneakers (and if you are like me, really love retro high top sneakers), bondage and especially straight jackets, you came to the right place. (Sorry no nudity or porn, just fun bondage stuff)

Friday, July 3, 2015



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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Trevor and Jess are friends who hang out together. While sometimes they hang out at each others house, they primarily hang out in a Sports Bar, watching various sports, primarily College Basketball. In fact, Trevor and Jess like the same college sports team. They knew a lot about each other as during the summer often times, Trevor and Jess would play Cornhole with friends and Trevor and Jess were partners. What Trevor and Jess did not know about each other, is that each liked Bondage, though this was about to change.

On day at the Sports Bar, Trevor noticed Jess was wearing a pair of brown Sanuk Commodore Slip on Shoe with Jeans and a College Sweatshirt. Trevor commented to Jess how comfortable they looked, and Jess said they were real comfortable. A few days later, Trevor ordered a pair of the same kicks, except in Aqua Green.

A few days later, Trevor met Jess at the Bar, and they were hanging out. After watching their favorite basketball team win, Jess said lets go back to my house. When Trevor and Jess got to the house, they went inside and had another beer. Jess said to Trevor, “Hey Dude, want to get stoned”?. Trevor said “Sure”, and Jess got out a joint and fired it up. Trevor and Jess shared a joint getting stoned.

Trevor and Jess had been friends for a while, and now that they were both relaxed from the beer and pot, Trevor and Jess started to talk. Suddenly, Trevor was wearing his Aqua Green Sanuk Commodore Shoes with Jeans and Jess was wearing his Brown Sanuk Commodore Shoes with Jeans. Trevor told Jess that he had fantasies about being tied up and played with. Jess looked at Trevor and told Trevor that he was into sometimes being tied up but primarily liked to tie up guys. Jess said to Trevor, “Follow Me”!.
They walked down the hall and in the bedroom was a massage table. As Trevor was looking at the table, he said to Jess “I would not mind being tied to that”. Jess escorted him to the walk in closet, where there were ropes, straps, a leather hood, and hanging from a hangar a Straight Jacket.  Jess asked Trevor how serious he was about wanting to get tied up, and Trevor said very serious. Jess said “Want to try out the Straight Jacket?” Trevor said “Sure”. Jess took the straight jacket off the hangar, had Trevor stand in front of the mirror, and placed Tevor into the straight jacket. Jess then secured the buckles in the back, the arms, then the crotch strap. Trevor sat on the edge of the bed knowing he was not going anywhere.

About twenty minutes later, Jess said “If you feel uncomfortable, let me know, and I will take off the straight jacket”. Trevor said “NO, I want more”. Jess than began to wrap Trevor’s eyes with an ace bandage, securing it into place. Jess then placed a leather hood over Trevor’s head and secured that. By now Trevor had a hard on inside his Levis 513 Jeans. Jess then walked Trevor to the table, helped him up to the table and laid him down on his back. Jess said to Trevor “You will have the best time of your life”. Trevor said Awesome”. To help block out sound, Jess placed the stereo headphones over Trevor’s ears, and started playing Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon.

Jess than broke out a bottle of Poppers, and pinched off one nostril, and had Trevor inhale. Jess then did the same with the other nostril. About a minute later, Trevor said to Jess, “This is heaven”.
Jess then took an ankle restraint and secured the right ankle to the table, then the left. Jess then fed Trevor another Popper hit. Jess then took eight lashing straps, and secured Trevor’s body to the table. Jess gave Trevor another Popper hit, then briefly took off the headphones and asked Trevor what he thought”. Trevor said “Between the Beer, Pot and Poppers, this is an awesome feeling”. Jess then put the headphones back into place, and used duct tape on Trevor’s mouth.

By now Jess took a break, getting another beer. He was watching Trevor squirm and moan into the gag. He gave Trevor another Popper hit, and then started to play with Trevor’s cock through his jeans, rubbing it, and using a vibrator. Jess did this for a while, stopped, then started again. Jess then fed Trevor another Popper hit, and undid Trevor’s Jean’s so he could use the vibrator on his cock through is white brief’s. Trevor was squirming and moaning more. This must have went on for about fifteen minutes, when Jess took Trevor’s cock outside of brief’s and began stroking it. Jess would briefly stop, feed Trevor Popper’s and start again. This must have went on for about another twenty minutes, when Trevor could not take it anymore and shot his load.  Jess then fed Trevor another Popper hit, and began stroking his cock again until he shot for a second time.
Jess thought Trevor had enough and cleaned him up. Jess then removed the head phones, undid the straps and restraints and sat Trevor up. He then took off the hood and blindfold and removed the straight jacket. Jess then took Trevor over to the bed and had him lay down, where Jess got him a glass of water.

Jess then asked Trevor what he thought of the whole scene. Trevor said “You were right, I had the best time of my life”. Trevor then described that it was awesome to be tied up, blindfolded and gagged with no means of escape. He liked how the music helped him find his headspace, and how the Poppers on top of the pot made him feel relaxed. Trevor told Jess that after being fed the Poppers, there were brief points where he thought he was off in another world, being the boy tied up and played with, and it was an awesome feeling.
It was getting late, so Trevor just stayed that night, but I’d bet Jess and Trevor had some more bondage escapades.

If you want to see the pictures bigger, go to my Tumbler Blog at the link below. That blog also has my straight jacket pictures of me tied up as well as guys I tied up through the years.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015


We also had the video camera rolling, where we have some footage of me squirming and moaning. If you have done this, you know it is a combination between pleasure and torment, and at this point, you are doing everything not to shoot, because you don't want it to end. I was having a blast, even though time was standing still.

Unfortunately with the video, we only got a few minutes and hopefully we will work on a longer one for the next session.

After being played with for a while, John decided it was time for the duct tape gag. Once gagged, I was being teased, and tormented. John broke out both the soft vibrator and the heavy duty vibrator which he used on my cock though my jeans. I was squirming and moaning, and John was doing this just right, getting me close, then stopping, getting me close, then stopping. I have no idea how long this went on, but I was loving it.

Finally, John undid the laces and went for my cock. Again, he was very masterful at playing with it, getting me close, and stopping, getting me close and stopping. I was so horny and aroused. Again, time just seemed to literally stand still. The Pink Floyd CD had gone two cycles, so at this point, I knew I had to have been secured for at least an hour and a half. I still did not want it to end, but finally, John decided it was time for me to express myself, which I did not only once, but twice. He then continued to milk me to see if there was a third load, but unfortunately, there was not. Finally, it was time for my release..

With a trusting partner, I have always found this type of bondage very relaxing, as throughout the scene, I could feel the stress leaving my body.

The only regrets is that we did not get any vibrator pics or more video using the vibrators, but it was still an awesome, relaxing scene.

You can watch what little video we did. Every time I play it back, it still gets me horny.


Also, don't forget to check out the collages as well. If you want to see the bigger collage pics, go to my Tumbler Blog. These links will take you directly to these collage pictures.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I am still squirming around on the table, with John playing with me. (Okay, I wanted to get some close up pictures of the Converse for the Converse Bondage fiends like me)

At this point, John started to strap my body to the table using a total of eight lashing straps. He would put a few on, stop, feed me a hit of poppers, then add a few more.

He was also teasing my cock through my jeans. I modified a pair of  Levis by cutting out the zipper, putting some holes into them, and using shoe laces to bring it tight. This makes it nice and easy later to get at the cock.

John has taken his time between the pictures, the Poppers and the play, and now has me strapped down nice and tight. He continues to torment me by feeding me poppers and teasing me. Now that I was nice and secure, and between the pot and the poppers I was nice and high and horny, squirming, moaning, not going anywhere, hanging on the edge, and not wanting this scene to end anytime soon.

The play was not about to end anytime soon. More pictures were in the cards, as I was squirming and enjoying my time. John then came over , and put a joint in my mouth where I took four more hits. Dam, I was so excited, aroused, and squirming so much. With Pink Floyd playing through the headphones, it felt as if time literally slowed to a crawl, and I did not want this to end.

But we were still not done, and I was having so much fun.

Come back next week for the finale.

But in the meantime, here is the collage I did. The collage can also be seen in my Tumbler Straight Jacket Blog at

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Although I have an assortment of Sneakers that I like to be tied up wearing or some shoes like Clarks Wallabee Chukka Boots, I am still a sucker for my Old School Converse High Top Sneakers, especially the white ones. Why you might ask? Because they were the kicks I had in High School and College, and still love them.

As I looked back, it had been about five years since I had been tied up wearing any of my Converse kicks, and I thought is was time for some nostalgia - again. You might remember my Pro Keds post.

John came over with his massage table, and it was time for some bondage fun, so here is how the scene goes.

Shortly after John gets here, he trusses me up in the straight jacket and ankle restaints. This time, I wanted to do some extra pictures, so we did a full and back frontal of me in the straight jacket prior to what came next. You might want to note the two vibrators on the floor that would be used later on.

After these two pics, John fired up a joint he had brought along. It was awesome to be fed hits from a joint after I was tied up in the straight jacket. About fifteen minutes and six hits later, it was time for the leather hood, and to be secured to the table. Once on the table, the usual Pink Floyd started playing through the headphones. Of course there were popper hits fed to me as well, so between the pot and the poppers, I was really starting to get high and start squirming around. John started snapping some nice pictures.

The squirming and poppers continued, with some body and cock play in the process,  but John was done by any stretch of the imagination, and I was hoping he was not. Come back next week to see what comes next.

Enjoy the collage in the meantime.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


If you have been following my posts over the past few weeks, I have been doing bondage picture collages and putting them up on my Tumbler Pages. This week is straight jackets.


You can see more of the collages I have done by clicking on the link below. These are guys I have tied up or have tied me up in the straight jacket.
I have had a few bondage scenes, so I have some new material to put up starting next week so come back to see what type of bondage mischief I have found myself in.
But wait, my readers opinion on something.
Today, I got my new PF Flyer Black Monocrome High Top Sneakers. PF Flyers, "they make a Boy run faster and jump higher" Within the next few weeks, I will be able to do another bondage session, and will wear these kicks, so the question what do you think would look good:
1: Tied to the Massage Table in Levis Jeans and The Straight Jacket
2: Tied to the Massage Table in Shorts in the Straight Jacket.
3: Tied to the Massage Table in Levis and Denim Jacket using the canvas posey fist mitts.
4: Tied to the Massage Table in Shorts and long sleeve tee shirt or button down shirt using the canvas posey fist mitts.
E Mail Me at to give me your feet back. Put PF FLYERS BONDAGE in the subject line, so your vote will count. Hope to hear from my readers on this soon. I am shooting be tied up wearing these kicks in the next week or so.
As usual, thanks for visiting. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


As most of my followers know, I have been getting tied up or tying up guys more than twenty years, and a lot of it has been caught on film over the past fifteen years. I have been going back through my collection, and started making some collages. In order to simplify what I have done, I have three separate Tumbler Blogs. This week, I am going to direct you to the Asicswrestone Bondage Tumbler Blog. This is the blog of my work where I was the Captive or Captor. If you click on the link below the first set of pictures, it will take you directly to that website. If you click on the link below the second picture, it will take you directly to the Tumbler archives. Last week, I focused on the Asicswrestoneweb, which is the bondage and sneaker pictures I have culled from the web. Next week I will focus on the Straight Jacket pictures.


I think you will enjoy the collages. Some of them could be used in Kidnapping Stories. I also have some new stuff going up soon, and it looks like another Massage Table Bondage scene sometime in the next few weeks, so keep checking back. Also, you might want to book mark all of the links, as they may be something new in the Tumbler pages before there is something new here.