Guys tied up primarily wearing Sneakers, along with Jeans, Gear, and/or Boots. I love to do it, and have it done to me, so I hope you enjoy this fun blog. If you really love sneakers (and if you are like me, really love retro high top sneakers), bondage and especially straight jackets, you came to the right place. (Sorry no nudity or porn, just fun bondage stuff)

Monday, March 2, 2015


I wonder if the guys from the Serious Male Bondage Institute will ever build one of these. They are a pretty handy and creative bunch.

Friday, February 27, 2015


After about twenty minutes, John started to get yappy. Rusty walked over to the table and said, “Do I need to gag you?.  John told Rusty to “buzz off”. At this point Rusty grabbed the duct tape and taped his mouth shut.

At this point, Taylor, Duncan, Rusty and Jimmy started to play cards. In between hands, they would go over and torment him. John would squirm and moan into the gag, but everyone knew he was going nowhere.  This went on for about two hours, when it was now bedtime.


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Friday, February 20, 2015


John was an outstanding College Wrestler in his weight class of 190 pounds. John, who liked to be the class clown liked to stay up to all hours, especially when the team was on the road. Everyone on the team was stoked. Knowing John was the key to a win for this particular meet the next day. Duncan and Taylor, the team Captains along with Rusty and Jimmy decided John needed to be kept in check for the night. The four hatched a plan to ensure John stayed in for the evening.

Duncan sent Rusty and Jimmy to John’s room, and Rusty knocked on the door. John opened the door, and invited them in. John was wearing Levis Jeans, a Tee Shirt and his Adidas Combat Speed Four Wrestling Kicks. John had bought a separate pair of these kicks to wear around so he would not get into trouble with the coach. Jimmy said, “ looks like you going out”. John said “Yup”!. Jimmy said to John, “before you go, we have a nice little surprise for you”. John said “okay”. Rusty said, “well, the surprise is in our room, but we don’t want you to see it until the right time, so we need to blindfold you, but it will be one hell of a party”. The unsuspecting John said “okay”, and Rusty proceeded to blindfold John.

They took John down the hall to Duncan and Taylor’s room, and went in. John, still blindfolded, was told to put out his arms. John felt some sort of heavy canvas being placed on him. John said, “okay, if you guys want to tie me up, go ahead”. Duncan and Taylor in pretty short order secured John into the straight jacket.  Taylor said to John, “if you talk or yell, you will be gagged, understand’? John said “Yes Sir.  The four noticed John was starting to become quite aroused. Duncan looked at the gang and said “Our party fiend is also a bondage fiend, we can kill two birds with one stone. We will not only keep John out of trouble, but it looks like we all will have some fun in the process”.
Taylor took an ace bandage, wrapped it around John’s head, then taped it into place. Rusty then placed a leather hood over John’s head and cinched it up tight.  Rusty and Jimmy placed John on the massage table on his back. Taylor secured the left ankle with a restraint, while Duncan secured the right ankle.

Taylor, Duncan, Rusty and Jimmy each took turns using two lashing straps each to secure John to the table. Once secured, Duncan said to John, “it looks like you enjoy being tied up”. John said “Yes Sir”, I do, and I will cooperate”. Taylor then put on the stereo head phones and started playing head trip music. The four sat there and admired their captured team mate trophy.


Friday, February 13, 2015


After about an hour, Rob and Dylan came back. Tyler had drifted off into a nice nap. It was time to wake him up, as it was Tyler torment time. Nipple Clamps were put into place over his shirt. All of a sudden, Tyler started to squirm in his bonds and moaned into his gag. Rob and Dylan noticed a very nice bulge in his jeans, so it was time for more torment and teasing. During this time, Tyler was being fed Poppers and Rob and Dylan played with Tyler on an off. This continued for about another hour.

At this point, Rob broke out the orbital sander for use on the vital organ. Dylan was feeding Tyler Poppers, and administered the occasional breath control.

The sander was used through Tyler’s jeans for about forty minutes. During this time, Tyler was squirming and moaning into his gag. Between the nipple clamps and the sander, this was a huge combination of pleasure and torment. The restraints were holding Tyler nicely in place.

By now, almost four hours had elapsed. The lights would be dimmed, so Tyler could drift off and find his headspace. Rob and Dylan left the room. Rob had some business to attend to, but about twenty minutes later, Dylan returned and started to torment Tyler again. Tyler was loving the fact that he was the prisoner, and about ten minutes later, a second stress relief. Feeling that Tyler had enough, Dylan had released him.
After Tyler got cleaned up, Dylan and Tyler had a beer. Rob had to leave. Tyler thanked Dylan for turning his fantasy into reality. He did the same thing when he saw Rob a few days later. Would they have any more bondage sessions? Only time would tell.

If you like slip on kicks, especially the Sanuk Vagabond Sidewalk Surf Shoes, and seeing guys tied up wearing them, click on the picture of my Bondage Scene with Sanuks and the Straight Jacket.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


After about twenty minutes Tyler came to, only to find total darkness. Tyler tried to move his wrists, ankles and body, only to find himself secured. Tyler screamed out “let me go”. Dylan said “no”. That’s when Rob said, “Tyler, remember when I first moved in, you invited me over and we got drunk”? Tyler replied “yes”. Then Rob said “remember you said you had been tied up a few times, you liked it, but always wanted to get tied up by a Father and his Son”? Tyler said “yes”. Rob said, “Tyler, just enjoy, your fantasy is about to become reality”. Tyler than had the stereo head phones put on to help block out sound.

As Rob and Dylan admired their trophy tied up, Tyler continued to squirm in his bonds. Rob and Dylan noticed that Tyler was becoming quite aroused. Suddenly, Tyler let out a yell, “I want to be released”. Dylan said “nothing doing”. As Dylan taped gagged his mouth, Rob tightened all of the body straps and restraints. "Dylan took off the stereo headphones for a moment and said "Tyler, "we can't have you making any noise or escaping. You just relax, we wll be back later". Rob and Dylan then turned off the light and left Tyler.

The finale will go up in a few days.

Monday, February 2, 2015


I decided it was time to write another bondage story, so here it goes. This is in two parts.


Tyler, who was in his late 20’s had an elderly neighbor next door neighbor died. The family had put the house up for sale, and about a month later, Tyler came home to find a “Sale Pending” sign on the house. Within a few weeks, the sale became finalized, and Tyler had a new neighbor.

Shortly after, Tyler went over to introduce himself to the man moving in, who’s name was Rob. Rob was in his mid forties, had brown hair, blue eyes, was just about six feet, and weighed about 200 pounds. They talked briefly. Feeling neighborly, a few days later Tyler invited Rob over for a beer.

Rob had told Tyler that he had a son a few years younger than Tyler was, and that his son was going to be moving in as well in a few days. Rob and Tyler continued to drink beer, talk sports, about their jobs and some politics. Tyler than told Rob that he liked to write and read about kidnapping stories, and Tyler even commented he had been tied up a few times, and really enjoyed it. Rob told Tyler that both he and Dylan liked to play around with the ropes to, but both played separately, and mostly with guys their own age. They even knocked back a few more beer’s and couple of shots of Crown Royal. Rob then left. The next day, Tyler would set off for a business trip.

Upon his return trip home, Tyler had found that Rob’s son had moved in. His name was Dylan, who was 23, just graduated from college and looking for a job. Dylan was about six feet, 160 pounds, beach blond hair and blue eyes. Tyler had made his way into the house, then went outside. Dylan was washing his car, so being neighborly, Tyler brought Dylan a beer, and they talked. Rob had told Dylan about what a nice guy Tyler was. Dylan told Tyler that we need to spend some time together, you, me and Dad. The conversation turned to bondage, and Dylan mentioned to Tyler that when he played around with rope, he much preferred clothed bondage, because its more fun, and your captive can actually feel like he is kidnapped and played with. With those words coming out of Dylan's mouth, both were getting aroused. What Tyler didn’t know was that Rob and Dylan secretly hatching a plan to turn Tyler’s fantasy into reality.
A few days later, Tyler came home from work. Dylan came over to invite Tyler over for a beer. Dylan looked at Tyler, who was wearing a pair of Levi 513 Jeans, a button down shirt and kacki Sanuk Vagabond Sidewalk Surf Shoes with no socks, and said "nice outfit Dude". Tyler said "thanks, let me change, and I will be over". Dylan said, “no, you like fine. Just come on. Tyler tossed his knapsack in the living room, then he and Dylan walked next door and into the house.

Dylan said his Dad was down the basement, and he would be up in a minute. As Tyler looked down the hall, he saw a massage table set up in a bedroom with straps and restraints sitting on top of the table. Tyler asked Dylan what the massage table and straps were for and Dylan replied “you will see”. Just as those words came out of Dylan’s mouth, Rob came up from behind him, stuffed a chloroformed rag in Tyler’s face and in a few minutes Tyler was out cold.

Rob and Dylan sat Tyler in a chair, where they wrapped his eyes with an ace bandage, then put him in a leather hood. Rob and Dylan then carried Tyler to the bedroom, and positioned him on the massage table. They then put canvas Posey Fist Mitts on his hands, then secured each wrist to the table. They then put a restraint on each ankle, and secured the ankles to the table. They then used eight lashing straps to secure his body to the table.

The finale will go up in the next few days

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Donnie, Backdoorboy from Recon only had been tied up about three times. He contacted me and wanted an intense bondage session.

Donnie was very good at obeying. He showed up exactly as I told him, a pair of Levis 501 Jeans, a long sleeve tee shirt and his Orange Converse Chuck Taylor High Top Sneakers.

Donnie got trussed up in the straight jacket in the garage, then placed up against his Jeep Wrangler for a few pictures. I then took him into the house, and sat him on the side of the bed.

I was anxious to tie someone to this bed, as I had bought it in October, and no one had been tied to it yet.

Sitting on the side of the bed, Donnie sat in wait restrained in the straight jacket, while I went through his "Bag of Tricks" he bought along, which included a leather hood, Velcro ankle restraints, and electro stimulation gear. I laid out what I was going to use. I started by cinching him up in a collar, then the leather hood, both in pretty short order.

Getting Donnie in position on the bed, it was now time to secure his ankles. He looked very nice in that straight jacket and those Orange Converse. He was really starting to enjoy his situation, so it was time for a few pictures.

It was time for more rope, and a lashing strap at the waist, so I could hedge my bets he was not going anywhere. Of course, these had to be a few more pictures.

But after I took a few more pictures, I decided to add even more rope.

It was time for Donnie to relax even more and start a sensory deprivation scene, so on went the headphones playing "Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon".

The sensory deprivation needed to be enhanced, so it was now time for the gag. Once that was in place, it was time for the vibrator to do its thing. As you know, this is a combination between pleasure and torment.

On and off, I delivered Poppers, and Donnie began to experience new sensations. It was time for the electro device to be used, and it was used on the appropriate organ, where he experienced a combination of pleasure and torment, continuing to experience new sensations. Of course, during this time, I did toss in some breath control, which took those sensations to a new level.
This went on for almost an hour and a half, until I decided Donnie had had enough. I released him from his bondage. He told me that this was the best scene he had ever done.
He can't wait for his next visit.  He enjoys being tied up, tormented as well as being a photo bondage boy.
On an interesting side bar, Donnie told me he has a partner named Gary, who also likes to be tied up, but they only tied each other up once or twice as they both like to be tied up. Donnie told me that I had tied up Gary once, but I didn't remember him. This morning, I got a message from Donnie telling me that Gary had been going by the name Ricky, and I did tie him up, and confirmed it was the same Ricky that appears on this blog. I then remembered tying him up, which must have been at least ten years ago, and he was also a fun Bondage Boy. Hopefully, Gary will want to get tied up by me again to, but the bomb would be having both Donnie and Gary let me tie both of them up at the same time. I'd bet that would make for an awesome scene and pictures. If you want to see the Ricky pictures, click on the link.