Guys tied up primarily wearing Sneakers, along with Jeans, Gear, and/or Boots. I love to do it, and have it done to me, so I hope you enjoy this fun blog. If you really love sneakers (and if you are like me, really love retro high top sneakers), bondage and especially straight jackets, you came to the right place. (Sorry no nudity or porn, just fun bondage stuff)

Thursday, November 26, 2015


                                                HAPPY THANKSGIVING

As we have all seen, there are many guys that have been tied up and photoed wearing Black Converse High Top Sneakers. These extra high top sneakers that come half way to the knee are rare, so being I had not been tied up and photoed wearing these kicks in ages, I decided it was time. 

John came over, and I got trussed up in the Straight Jacket wearing my Levis 513 Jeans and my Black Extra High Top Converse Sneakers.

Once in the straight jacket, we sat on the edge of the massage table and shared a joint. Once that was done, on went the ace bandage blindfold, then the leather hood. I was then laid back on the table, and the headphones went on playing some White Noise. I began to lose track of time.  Here is one I like, put on the headphones, ratchet up the volume and find your head space.

Rope was then taken to each ankle, with each ankle getting secured to the table.

The usual teasing went on along with the Poppers, and I was squirming and getting quite aroused.

                                            Come back next week for the Second Part.

Friday, November 20, 2015


So, you got nice and stoned. You look nice in those bondage cut off shorts and those White Vans Slip On Sneakers in Straight Jacket, all hooded.

The headphones are in place.

Time to deliver some White Noise.

Ankles nice and secure.

Oh, are your toes curling inside of those Vans?

Nice Kicks! 

I can see the Pot is doing its job. Time for a few Popper Hits.
Lets make sure you stay nice and warm.

You will be toasty warm, and those ropes will hold you in place quite nicely.

Time to gag you!

Lets see how you do with some more Poppers?

The Vibrators lay in wait. Enjoy your combination of pleasure and torment! 

Relax and Enjoy, I will release you in the morning.

Friday, November 13, 2015


All of the straps were removed, along with the hood, eye wrap and the straight jacket. The blindfold stayed in place. I was then handcuffed and taken to the garage.

Professor Hinkel: Johnny, this session confirms what I have suspected all along. Academics like bondage to.
Johnny: I felt completely controlled and programmed by you to enjoy bondage.
Professor Hinkel: Promethius
Johnny: Yes Sir.
Professor Hinkel: There will be another bondage session coming at a later date, you won't know when, but it won't interfere with any classes.
Johnny: Thank You Sir, I can't wait.

I was placed in the back seat, and the seat belt fastened, where I was driven back to the observatory. Once we arrived, I was taken out of the car, and the handcuffs were undone. Professor Hinkel told me not to take off the pillow case for two minutes. After two minutes elapsed, I took off the pillow case, and it was dark. I got in the car, and looked at the clock and it was 2:40 AM. I was secured in some way for almost seven hours, and enjoyed every minute of it, and it was more intense after I was stoned, drugged, poppered, and controlled.

At the next seminar, nothing was discussed publicly in class, though when class was over Professor Hinkel asked if he could see me for a moment. After the conference room cleared, Professor Hinkel closed the door. He asked me what I thought of the session.

I told him, I felt kidnapped, as I was taken to a location where I had no idea where I was. Then, when you strapped me to the table, I felt like the College Boy who was about to become an experiment. This got me very aroused and hard, and the Pot and Poppers made this blue eyed, blonde haired College Boy feel like the captured Sneaker fiend. I felt at one point a prick on the left side of my neck and felt a metal wire being placed into my brain, which triggered electrical impulses. I remembered that every time I heard a clap of Thunder, my feet felt very nice inside my Vans Sneakers, that seemed hardwired to my cock, which got me more hard and aroused. I also felt like my mind  was totally out of this world, and totally relaxed, focused on the inescapable bondage, the sneakers and my hard cock. I felt like I was also submitting to being controlled and cum controlled, which I enjoyed very much. I can tell you it was the best orgasm I ever had.

Professor Hinkel then told me that this initial research with me found a correlation of certain fetishes as it relates to sex and bondage, and in my case, it confirmed that I was a bondage and sneaker fiend, and that sneakers definitely turned me on. He told me there was no metal wire, but you also brought to mind something else, and that is properly relaxed in bondage, you can program your own mind to have your body feel certain things, and you did, which made the scene more intense. This will have a tendency to happen when you are blindfolded, gagged and sound from the outside world cut out, as this makes you focus on certain things. He also confirmed that with the programming, it got me more aroused, which made the scene more enjoyable. He told me that this was a confidential study, where there might only be one or two other participants, though was further interested in expanding my my bondage fetishes even further. He also wanted to document other fetishes in future studies. I thanked him for the experience.

Before Professor Hinkel opened the door, he said, don't worry Johnny, there will be another session, you just won't know when.

We then left the conference room and went our separate ways. I loved the session, and every time I think about it I get hard, though it also helps me relax. I hope Professor Hinkel keeps his word, and there is a next time.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


I was given another Popper hit, and then felt duct tape going over my mouth. This was leaving me with a sense of total sensory deprivation. The White Noise continued as well as the electrical impulses to my brain. I then felt something going over my body, and my body being more firmly secured to the table.

Suddenly, the White Noise Stopped and through the headphones:

Professor Hinkel: Johnny, you are now under a blanket, with more rope securing you to the table. I know you want to shoot your load, but it is essential that I keep you off in another world. We need to test your cock endurance even further.
Johnny: Moans into the gag.

Continuing to be fed Poppers I was off in another world. I was then feed the sweet aroma and drifted off into a near sleep. This time, my body got very tingly. The heavy duty vibrator was being used on my cock. This would go on for five to seven minutes, then it would stop. I would be fed the sweet aroma to drift off another four or five times, while the heavy duty vibrator would continue to be used. The first time the vibrator was used, I could only take it for about two minutes, but by the fifth time, I could take it for about ten minutes. I have no idea how long I have been under this blanket, but it it awesome. This blue eyed, blonde haired College Boy was now seeing himself as the sneaker boy, and feeling securely tied to a table with no escape. I was focused on three things, my strapped down body to the table, my feet inside my new Vans Sneakers, and my hard cock being played with, and it was pleasure and torment. When I heard a clap of Thunder though the head phones at the same time the heavy duty vibrator was being used, all of the sensations got even more intense and enjoyable. I was squirming so much, Professor Hinkel had to stop tighten up the ropes again. Once he was done tightening up the ropes, he continued with his work.

The blanket was removed. I had no idea how long I have been strapped to the table at this point, but it felt like an eternity. I was loving this, now totally relaxed, and under the control of Professor Hinkel. Professor Hinkel then removed my cock from my jeans, where I felt a nice wet mouth on it. Again, being fed Poppers, it was awesome. He would get me close, stop, then start again. This continued for a while. 

Finally, it was time for more of the sweet aroma inhalant. At this point, I drifted off to the edge of sleep were my cock was being sucked and a vibrator being used. Finally, heard a clap of thunder though the headphones, a jolt of electricity to my brain, where my toes curled inside my high top Vans Sneakers, I squirmed against the straps. My arms were pulling inside the straight jacket, and then, I shot my load.

After I shot, my cock was being stroked and teased, with a vibrator being used.  I was begging through the gag for Professor Hinkel to stop, but he wouldn't. I head another clap of Thunder through the headphones, and I shot again.

At this point, I wanted to be untied. The gag was removed and through the headphones:

Professor Hinkel: Johnny, you did great. This is proving what I have been thinking about all along that people can be tied up, and programmed to enjoy bondage, feel relaxed and controlled.

I am now going to give you a phrase, Promethius. When you hear this in my voice only, you will submit to me. We will have another session like this at a later date. Do you understand?
Johnny: Yes Sir

To be continued:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Over the past few weeks to a month, like many others, I have wondered what became of this site. I can tell you a guy named Chris in Atlanta owned and operated the site, and when he started it, he had an awesome site, even though it was a pay site. I believe the site came into existence around 2002 or 2003.

While I did not know Chris personally, I do know for many years, he put his heart and soul into the site, though good times and bad. It was great to see guys in various gear and sneakers have a place to post their work and escapades, and when bondage was tossed in with assorted gear and/or sneakers it made it even better.

For a lot of years, this site was definitely on my morning reads. There would be ten plus pages of new pictures posted daily by subscribers. It was a place where guys could meet other guys who were into the same things. I even met a few guys for some gear and bondage fun off that site. While I subscribed to this site for many years, I did let my membership go a few years back, when I was not making as much money as I was, and had to cut some expenses.

So, this brings me to what I had noticed over the past several months and some possibilities.

The daily posts and new pictures kept getting fewer, and fewer and fewer. The ten plus pages of new pictures daily were down to less than five daily, and in many days only two or three pages, so, something happened.

Did a lot of members find themselves like me, and had to cut something out of their lives because they found themselves making less money? This is possible. Unlike my blog that is a hobby, and I don't have to pay for web hosting, Gearfetish needed money to survive from subscriptions, and did fewer and fewer and fewer subscriptions drive this? That's possible.

Did a lot of members get tied of the site? Well everything does grow old, and perhaps many of the members may have lost interest because they got older. Another possibility is did many members get sick of the fakes and flakes that every site like Gearfetish seems to attract? That's possible. (On a sidebar, I have noticed the same thing on Recon, where Guys will start to talk then stop, or not even answer a message. Guess their Momma's and Daddy's never taught them any manners).

Did something bad happen to Chris who was the owner and administrator of the site. Well, let's hope not!

As you can see, the possibilities I have outlined on what happened to this site is purely conjecture on my part, but these are also some very real possibilities that are not far fetched in the least. One can't help but wonder when a subscription site that has been around so long goes "poof" overnight, with no explanation as to what happened, there will be conjecture out there surrounding this mystery. I am sure there is someone out there that knows the story.

While I have enjoyed their site for many years, I am sure, I am joined many others who are quite disappointed to see that there was no announcement that the site would be coming down. Hopefully, those who prepaid subscriptions did get money back.

Feel free to leave a comment, but they are moderated before they are posted. Also, if you have insight you want to share privately, send an e mail to and put BONDAGE in the Subject Line.

Thanks' for reading.

Monday, November 2, 2015


Answer: Well, I am not sure about you, but I was fortunate to spend some time tied up.

Attire: Levis 513 Jeans, a blue and white Gingham Shirt., a Brooks Brothers tie, and my White Linen Pro Keds CVO Mid Top Sneakers.

The scene starts late afternoon, my wrists are cuffed in front of me. I am blindfolded, gagged, and have a pillow case put on my head. This feels like a kidnapping.

After a while, the wrist restraints were taken off, and I was stood up, and the straight jacket was put into place. The restraints were then placed on my ankles.

Now sitting on the table, an ace bandage was wrapped around my eyes and the leather hood was tied into place. My captor feeds me hits off a joint to get me nice and high.

I am now laid back on the table, and the headphones put into place playing some nice

Being fed Poppers, my ankles are strapped to the table.

Finding my head space, I could feel myself being strapped to the table.

These sneakers are nice and soft.

High from the Pot and Poppers, I was squirming and moaning. It was time to be silenced with a duct tape gag and left to simmer.

Time to ratchet up the intensity. The blanket gets added, where more rope is used to hold me and the blanket into place. The Poppers kept coming, and with the White Noise, I lost all track of time.

It was now time to break out the vibrator and heavy duty vibrator. My Captor is awesome at using these, getting me close, stopping, starting and stopping. He is like the Ever Ready Battery.

Now really high and horny, a towel was placed over my face, where the vibrators and Poppers would continue for the next hour.

After almost two hours under the blanket, the blanket was removed, yet my cock would continue to be tormented through my Levis.

Finally, my cock is taken out of my Levis and played with. Again, my captor was good at starting, getting me close and stopping, then starting all over again. He must have kept me like this almost another hour, when finally, I would not take it any more and expressed myself. He loved seeing me squirm in the straps, (actually, I loved it to), and kept stroking me until I shot another load.

After two loads, I was spent. Finally, I was released, feeling relaxed and like a new Man. What a way to spend a Halloween.

But, for you Sneaker Fiends like me, here is a close up of these kicks.