Guys tied up primarily wearing Sneakers, along with Jeans, Gear, and/or Boots. I love to do it, and have it done to me, so I hope you enjoy this fun blog. If you really love sneakers (and if you are like me, really love retro high top sneakers), bondage and especially straight jackets, you came to the right place. (Sorry no nudity or porn, just fun bondage stuff)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I have gone for some very awesome Straight Jacket Rides strapped to the Massage Table. Here are are few pictures of scenes condensed of the rides I had so far this year. Okay, most of them I was wearing various High Top Converse Sneakers, but, I definitely loved the ones with the Sanuk Vagabond Sidewalk Surf Shoes, and the Indian Moccasins, which I titled "Captured Mug In Moccasins"



Sunday, June 11, 2017


I released Jack from the bed, but not the straight jacket. The blindfold stayed place. I had him lay on his stomach, where he was then hogtied. After a little while, I removed the blindfold and ball gag, as it was time for him to give Daddy pleasure.

The Boy was awesome, and took care of Daddy nicely. While I love to be tied up and have my cock sucked, it is also nice to have a hog tied boy suck me off as well. I expressed my pleasure.
Jack had a great time being tied up. It was only his second time in bondage, but really loved it. When I untied him, he said the scene was better than expected, and loved the role play. Jack is definitely looking to come back for more play. I would love to see him again.

Monday, June 5, 2017


After about forty minutes, I released Jack from the chair. We took a quick break, where he changed into a pair of Jeans, going Commando. I asked Jack if he wanted to wear the Minnetonka Suede Indian Boots or the Extra High or Knee High Converse. Jack chose the Converse.

Once Jack was ready, he got put back into the Straight Jacket. We did a role play scene, where Jack was the Boy and I was the Daddy. He was really enjoying the submission and being played with.

I used some rope to secure his arms, adding to the intensity. I then used an ace bandage to blindfold him, and used duct tape to secure it to his head. He wanted to try a ball gag, which he got. He was then put into position on the bed, and each ankle was secured to the bed.

With the ankles now secured, I used lashing straps to secure his upper body to the bed more securely.  

It was now time for me to add more rope to the legs.

With Jack now secure, It was time to add the headphones playing Binural Beats. This was getting him extremely relaxed, and I let him simmer like this for about a half an hour, occasionally teasing his hard cock through his jeans, both with my hands, and with the gentle and heavy duty vibrators. He found the Binural Beats relaxing and it was helping him find his headspace.

Jack had not shot in about six days, so it was not taking much to get him close. Finally, I took his cock out from inside those jeans, and let it simmer for a while longer.
I slowly began to jack him off, and he shot pretty quickly. I milked him, and he really enjoyed this, moaning, and thoroughly enjoying this not knowing there was not much he cold do.
I finally stopped, but both of us were enjoying the Son-Daddy Role Play Scene. After about another fifteen minutes, Daddy decided the Son need to be punished for cumming prematurely, and not shooting a second load.
Come back next week to see the Finale.

Monday, May 29, 2017


Jack and I had been talking on Recon for some time. One Saturday morning, I went to work for about an hour, then went grocery shopping. When I got home, which was about 11:45 AM, I logged on to Recon, and there was a message from Jack saying he was available, and wanted to know what I was up to. Fortunately, I had no plans. (College Football and Basketball season is over). I shot Jack my phone number, and he said he would call within five minutes. He did. After taking for a few minutes, Jack said he wanted to come over and try out the straight jacket.

Jack arrived wearing a tee shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair of brown Sperry Topsiders without socks. After talking for a few more minutes, he was ready to be tied in the straight jacket. I took him into the bedroom, and stood him in front of the mirror, so he could see himself being tied up in it.

Once he was secured, I let him acclimate to it. He was ready for some more bondage, so I sat him in a chair, and secured his ankles and legs with ankle cuffs and rope. I then used straps to secure his upper body and waist. At this point, he had not been blindfolded, so I started with the gimp hood. I swapped this out for the heavy duty padded hood.

Jack was hard from the minute I secured him in the straight jacket, and was loving the intensity of the chair and hood.

After about a half an hour, I took Jack out of the hood. He described the hood as arousing, intimidating and scary all rolled up into one, and he was loving his bondage predicament. We were not done, as Jack wanted more.

Come back next week to see what comes next.

Monday, May 22, 2017


It was time to be tied up wearing the Black Monocrome Converse High Tops. The rest of the outfit consisted of a pair of Levis, (going Commando of course), a light Hoodie, and black socks, John put me into the straight jacket and we got stoned. Once that was done, we did our usual route, where I got hooded, and the hood from the hoodie placed over the hood and tied tight. I was laid back on the table, where the headphones were placed over my ears playing Binural Beats. Fed a hit of poppers, I began to drift off into my own bondage world, where my ankles got secured, then my entire body got secured to the table, where I would be teased, tormented and edged with the vibrators. During the play, I moan and squirm, but find myself enjoying my bondage predicament.

The blanket goes into place with more rope added. This is always the favorite part of the scene, especially when the vibrators are used. Between the straight jacket, ankles secured, eight body straps, and more rope there is definitely no escape.

Being under the blanket usually lasts thirty to forty five minutes. Once the blanket comes off, my cock gets taken out. It's Johns mouth, but between the pot and poppers, I felt like and envisioned I was hooked up to a Venus Milking Machine, squirming in those straps, and strait jacket. John and I have played so much that he is excellent of keeping me on the edge. By the time we were done with this scene, I had shot four times. John said this was the most hard he has ever seen me.

Of course, I had to get some close up of the kicks. These pics came out pretty good.

And Yes, I did shoot after about two hours. I was milked, where I shot again.