Guys tied up primarily wearing Sneakers, along with Jeans, Gear, and/or Boots. I love to do it, and have it done to me, so I hope you enjoy this fun blog. If you really love sneakers (and if you are like me, really love retro high top sneakers), bondage and especially straight jackets, you came to the right place. (Sorry no nudity or porn, just fun bondage stuff)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Well, I knew this day would eventually come, and as the old adage goes, "All good things must come to an end". Having said that, this blog is ending its weekly updates with this post.

The question my blog visitors will be asking is why? Well there are a few reasons. Recently, John, they guy who has been tying me to his massage table for the past three and a half years has let me know that due to other business commitments, he will not be in the area to much any more. Over the past few years, John has given me awesome bondage rides of me tied to his massage table in the Straight Jacket and various kicks I felt like wearing for a particular session. John was a trusting bondage partner, who I could trust into putting me into heavy bondage and I felt quite safe. John also took pictures, which provided me material and write stories about each of the scenes I was able to share. I will definitely miss these bondage rides.

Second, while I like to get tied up, I also like to tie up guys. Finding guys who are "for real" is becoming a much more difficult task. I would like to share some history about my bondage time on the Internet.

Back in 1998, when the Internet was in its infancy, there were some bondage websites out there, but my fetishes were bondage and sneakers, primarily Converse High Tops and Asics Wrestling Shoes, either me tied up wearing sneakers or the guys I tied up wearing sneakers. At the time, these sites really did not exist. One of the first sites that came on line was Captured Guys. The link to their website is This site is actually still up and running, though is a pay site. Another one was Bound and Gagged Magazine.

With the internet starting to grow, over Christmas vacation in 1998, I started a small website called Levis, Sneakers and Rope, which depicted guys I tied up wearing sneakers, or me tied up wearing various sneakers. It was started on an AOL website, and it became a success. Back then, I was still living in Virginia outside of Washington, D.C. As the site and the internet started to grow, I found no problems finding guys who wanted to tie me up, and take pictures for the website, or be tied up and photoed for the website, and it was fun. I found out and many other guys found out that they were not the only ones in the world who found it to be a turn on to tie up a guy and play with him while he was wearing sneakers or be tied up wearing sneakers.

In 1999 I moved to North Carolina, where I found no problems finding guys for bondage fun and pictures. Many of these guys were either College or Military Boys wanting to explore bondage, either being tied up or tying me up, thinking it was a blast to play around and have our escapades caught on camera and posted on the Internet. I had met Ethan from Sockgagged twice when he was in the process of getting his site up and running and needed some bondage pictures of him. Also, I was communicating with Bob Wingate from Bound and Gagged and the late James Bond, who was a bondage guru. Both Bob and James were very encouraging. In fact, James Bond was tying up guys wearing wet suits and other outfits with sneakers or jeans and sneakers, and doing it long before it was fashionable. The bondage escapades continued until June, 2005. It was at this time the United States Government began to frown on bondage web sites, and most of the sites based in the United States literally fell off the face of the earth overnight, including Levis, Sneakers and Rope. Actually up until that time my site depicted guys tied up wearing sneakers fully dressed with no nudity or porn. Of course there was play to.

In 2009 sites started to return. I started this blog at the end of September, 2009. I was able to repost all of the pictures that appeared on Levis, Sneakers and Rope, as well bondage pictures I had in storage from June, 2005 until September, 2009. I was still finding bondage fun both ways, and had pictures of these escapades for the blog. I was also able to find other pictures of guys tied up wearing assorted sneakers with jeans or shorts for this blog as well, though over the past four years, pictures on this blog were exclusive my work of guys I tied up or me tied up, always starting the scene in jeans, shorts or sneakers, though there were scenes done in Sport Bike Riding Outfits with sneakers as well, and I actually one time had an awesome time tied up in a neoprene wetsuit.

Over the past few years, I still found guys who wanted to be tied up and photoed, but most of my bondage escapades was with John was helping me out, not only giving me bondage rides in a safe, sane and trusting setting, but taking pictures so I could write about each scene as well. On the links, all of these scenes are labeled Massage Table or Massage Table bondage. I did scenes in the straight jacket tied to the bondage table wearing assorted sneakers, though by this time, I also found Sanuk Vagabond Sidewalk Surf Shoes hot, and caught a number of scenes of me tied up wearing them. (I also tied up a few guys wearing them to).

So, with not having a regular bondage partner any longer, and no one else to play with on a regular basis, I did not want to put up a post, then vanish without an explanation, and a thanks to all of those who have visited my sites and found enjoyment in the site through the years.

A few things I am proud of is that Levis Sneakers and Rope which ran from December 1998 until June of 2005, a total of five and one half years, and this blog which ran from September, 2009 until July 2017, almost eight years. Between the two sites, I have posted bondage pics to the net a total of fourteen years. This has even outlived most pay sites, and never had an interest in turning either site into a pay site

My first love is Converse High Tops, and the Extra High or Knee High Converse High Tops. I also love Asics Wrestling Shoes, Vans Sneakers, (have two pairs of Vans High Tops), LL Bean Duck Boots, Canvas Sperry Top Sider Sneakers, Minnetonka Suede Boots and Sanuk Vagabond Sidewalk Surf Shoes. I think with the Vans High Tops, the Converse Extra High Tops, the Canvas Sperry Topsiders, Pro Keds Sneakers, PF Flyer Sneakers and the Sanuk Vagabond Sidewalk Surf Shoes, while I know I am not the only guy who likes to be tied up wearing these kicks or tie up guys wearing these kicks, in many cases, I think I am one of the few who have caught these on camera and posted the pictures.

As I said, I did not want to put up a post, then just vanish never to be heard from again, so here are the plans going forward. I do plan to leave this blog up. If you are a fiend into assorted kicks, and like to read stories, this blog will continue to provide you a lot of entertainment. Also, if you are interested in a scene, give me a shout, I am always interested in a scene. I love working with guys new to the scene, so they can turn their fantasies into reality in a safe, sane and trusting setting.

In addition to this blog, I have four blogs on Tumbler that have been created. Going forward, any future bondage pictures done by me will be posted to either Asicswrestone on Tumbler on Bondage in Converse, so do check these blogs from time to time. Also, I will continue to scour the web, so you never know what I might come across on the web that will be posted to Asicswestone Web. The links to each of these Tumbler Blogs are below.

Asicswrestone on Tumbler - This blog is pictures of me tied up or guys I have tied up, primarily in a Straight Jacket.

Bondage in Converse - This is a blog I created of me tied up wearing Converse Sneakers or guys I tied up wearing Converse Sneakers. There are also some pictures of me tied up or guys I tied up wearing Vans Sneakers, or Sanuk Vagabond Sidewalk Surf Shoes, but for the Converse and Vans bondage fiends, there are pictures here that were culled fro the web as well.

Asicswrestone Bondage - A few pictures from the web are here, but this site is mostly me tied up or guys I tied up who were not in a Straight Jacket.

Asicswrestone Web - This blog is pictures of guys from other websites in various sneakers and some boots.

E - Mail - Feel free to e mail me by clicking on this link. Please put "Bondage" in the subject line, so I don't delete your e mail with the junk. Also, if you wrote to me, and think you did not get a response, check your junk mail or spam folder.

As I said, do continue to visit this blog as the mood hits you or my Tumbler Blogs. I am still open to playing as well. Thanks to all who have enjoyed my work all these years.

Also, Bob Wingate from Bound and Gagged Magazine who had a blog has not posted anything since Thanksgiving 2016, so if anyone knows what may have happened, I would appreciate hearing from you. While I never met Bob personally, he was very encouraging about my bondage escapades and websites starting with the Levis, Sneakers and Rope days. Bob was kind enough to me a link from his blog to my blog when I had started out.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


The Binural Beats, along with the pot and poppers were making me extremely relaxed and horny, and keeping me feeling drugged up. I could feel myself being very slowly strapped to the table, with my cock being tormented in the process.

With all of the straps finally in place, I really now felt like the bondage subject in the asylum. I was squirming in the straps, pulling my arms in the straight jacket, and knowing I was going no where. My head was off in another world I was feeling like the horny bondage subject in the asylum. The Binural Beats, along with the pot and poppers were turning this into a dreamy reality. I was the Boy who would be subjected to cock play and torment tests to see how long I could hold out.

I was so relaxed, and drifting in and out of a light sleep. I was consistently squirming against my bonds, while my cock was being teased, both by hand, as well as with the vibrators. My feet felt so nice and sweaty in my Sanuks, and it was like every time I could see a vision of the Sanuks, my cock got even harder, and I would pull against the straight jacket and the straps extremely hard, but  I was going nowhere. I was beginning to wonder as how long as test asylum subject could I hold out before I would shoot. I was find this a combination of extremely relaxing, but also frustrating, because in one respect, I wanted to cum, but I was really enjoying this inescapable bondage role play scene to much, as I was being teased, tested, frustrated and relaxed, and feeling sedated, all at the same time.
Finally, after about an hour of this testing and feeling sedated.

For some reason, the Finale posted out of order, so here is the link to Finale

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


My friends and I have always played tie up games, but I was looking for more bondage fun, and ready to kick it to the next level, looking for more intensity. I was cruising through some local bondage ads when I ran across this.

"WANTED, MALE TO BE A BONDAGE SUBJECT, I am in my late 30's, 6'2", 185 pounds, looking for a subject who wants to be put into intense bondage for a role play scene. Be willing to do 420 and poppers. Provide stats and photo in your reply e mail.

I responded to the ad with a photo, and within an hour got a response. He said his name was John. After we got to talking on line, we then talked on the phone. He asked about a scene I might be interested in, and I told him bondage, and having my cock teased. John asked me if there was a particular role play scene I would like, and I told him I always had a fantasy of being the boy in an asylum scene where I would get strapped to a table to see how long I could hold out. He asked me if I had any shoes like Sanuk Vagabond Sidewalk Surf Shoes or Vans Slip on Sneakers. I told him I had both. When we set up the session, John told me to wear a pair of slip on shoes.

As I took a shower and got dressed, I put on the Levis 511 Jeans going commando, my gray Sanuk Vagabond kicks with a tee shirt and a light hooded sweatshirt. I got in the car and drove to John's house, which was out in the country. The house sat about a half a mile off the road.

When I arrived, I followed John's instructions. This was to walk into the garage, put the door down, put on the blindfold and sit in a chair. I followed his instructions.

I waited for a little while, when John walked out into the garage, looked me over. John then said, I like the Sanuks, as patients in an asylum scene should not have shoes with laces. When I heard this, my cock got rock hard.

John stood me up and had me hold my arms out in front of me. I could feel I was being placed into a heavy canvas straight jacket. The straps on the back were secured, then the arms were placed through the front and side D Rings, and the arms were secured. John then took my belt, and sat me back into the chair. He broke out a joint, and we proceeded to get stoned. My asylum scene was looking like it was going to be fun as I was now getting stoned, relaxed, and feeling drugged up. Once we were done with the joint, John put some sort of wrap around my blindfold and duct taped it into place. A leather hood was added, and then the hood from the sweatshirt was pulled up over my head and tied  into place. I was stood up, taken into the house, and marched down a long hallway, then upstairs, where I was sat on the edge of a table. I was then laid back on the table, and put into position. Headphones were then put on my head blocking out the sound other than the Binural Beats that were playing through the headphones. Now the sight and sound were gone, but I was not yet gagged.

I was being fed poppers with different aromas, and having my cock played with through my Levis, with the vibrators. This went on for a little while until my ankles would be secured.

With the ankles now secure, I felt like I was in a room in an asylum. Come back next week to see more

Monday, July 3, 2017


Being I really enjoyed being tied up in the Straight Jacket strapped to the Massage Table wearing the Converse Stars and Bars, I had to do it again, this time wearing the Levis 513 Jeans. After looking over these pictures, I thought how awesome it would be to save this post for the Fourth of July, which is Independence Day celebrated in the United States. Patriotic kicks for a Patriotic Day.

When John arrived, we got stoned, and it took no time for the pot to kick in. The ace bandage wrap was placed over my eyes to block out the light, and the leather hood was put into place. The hood from the hoodie was then tied over the leather hood. I was laid back on the table, where the headphones were put into place playing the Binural Beats.

Being fed poppers, each ankle was secured into place. Slowly, each strap was put into place, securing me tightly to the table. Of course I was being teased while I was being strapped down.

Once all of the straps were put into place, I was being teased with both the light and heavy duty vibrators through my Levis. High from the pot and poppers, my body was so relaxed. I was in my headspace, squirming, pulling against the straps, going no where. This is torment, pleasure and relaxation. Of course, I was being played with on and off to add to the torment and pleasure.

I then felt the straps being tightened. Something was being placed over my body, and my body being even more secured to the table. Once this was done, nothing happened. I was in my bondage prison.

Consistently being fed poppers consistently and the pot now kicked in, I was so relaxed and enjoying the no escape. At this point, my brain had taken me back to my College Days, where, through the dark blindfold and hood, it got very bright. I was seeing myself as the tied up College Boy wearing these Stars and Bars High Tops. I could see one and hear one of my High School and College friends who was wearing the same Stars and Bars encouraging me to keep going, hold out and not shoot. The same friend kept telling me that College Boy chosen for a cock and bondage endurance test. The test was to determine stamina to see how long I could hold out. While I was squirming and my cock was being worked over on and off with the heavy duty vibrator, another High School and College Friend who was wearing the same Stars and Bars High Tops was controlling the vibrator.

My brain was seeing these guys and I was totally squirming, with me continuing to be fed poppers and the cock worked with the vibrator on and off with the vibrator, with the one handling the vibrator knowing just when to stop.

My totally strapped and roped down body was totally enjoying this scene. My feet were getting nice and sweaty inside the Converse and I was loving this. It then got very dark, where I saw my totally strapped down body being placed in a coffin and the lid being closed. I could then feel the vibrators used on my cock again.
Being high on the pot and poppers, at this point I don't know what happened, though right around my crotch , it got felt wet. I knew I must have cum, but the vibrator went on and I felt myself shoot again. The vibrator was turned off, and I was left to simmer. After a little while, I was fed another popper hit, and the vibrator went to work again, where I felt myself shoot for a third time. It was a totally intense scene.
The rope was undone and the blanket removed. I thought the scene was over, but the vibrators were used through my jeans to keep me hard. After a little while, my cock was removed from my Levis. I felt something slipped over my cock. Suddenly, I felt like my cock was being worked over by a Venus Milking machine. This was totally pleasure and torment, because I was going for a record to see if I could shoot again, and after a little while, I did, but the cock torment was not done. After a short break, I had this sensation again, and then shot one more time.
By now, I was totally spent. The straps were removed and I was sat up. I was removed from the straight jacket, totally relaxed, but also totally spent.
John told me I shot a total of five times. I had been tied up a little over two hours, but as usual, it felt like an eternity. Another relaxing session, as within an hour, I fell asleep and slept a total of ten hours. This was nice as this scene occurred a few days after we pushed the clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time. Of course, the next day when I got up, having my cup of coffee, I could not wait to download the pictures and write this story. The scene, awesome as usual. 
Are you a Patriotic? Do you like Bondage? Are you a Converse and/or Bondage and Sneaker Fiend? Do you think these Converse Stars and Bars are awesome with Bondage? If you answered "YES" to one or more of these questions, the click on the link below for more Bondage in the Patriotic Converse High Top Sneakers. By the way, since I have gotten these sneakers, I have gotten five to twenty compliments per week on them from both Guys and Girls.
You might also like how I got ready for this scene. Click on the link below to read the story and see the pictures.


As they say, whatever you do, planning is the key to success, and a bondage scene is no exception. Whether or not I am the one getting tied or doing the tying, I always lay out everything nice, neat and orderly. This is done so whether or not I am the one getting tied up, or I am the one doing the tying, everything necessary is nice, neat and ready to go and keeps the scene flowing. I figured I would do a post on how I get ready for a scene, and use the same scenario, whether I will be the one tied up, or I have someone coming over to get tied up.

 Here is how I got ready for the bondage scene.

First is the clothing selection. For the latest scene I got tied up, I chose the Levis 513 Jeans, a light hoodie and the Converse Stars and Bars High Top Sneakers. With this picked out, now I can get dressed.

Next is the canvas Posey Hospital Straight Jacket. This is definitely my favorite bondage accessory. Note the gloves. I always put on gloves before the straight jacket goes on, as it helps lend to the tightness while I am in the straight jacket.

Next comes the ace bandage wrap for the eyes. Always have duct tape handy to help secure the ace bandage to the head. This helps block out light, and adds to the sensory deprivation. The duct tape also comes in handy for use as a duct tape gag.

Making sure there is a fresh bottle of poppers, either just opened, but no more than four or five days old enhances the scene as a fresh bottle of poppers has more punch. Nothing can be more of a scene killer than either old poppers, or even worse spilled poppers.
Having the kindle set up to go with the binaural beats already picked out are ready to go, so all that needs to happen here is once the hood is secured, the headphones are placed on the head, already playing the binaural beats.

Ankle straps with extra rope to secure those ankles.

Straps to secure the entire body to the table. There are a total of six straps, but the two straps to the right are very long, so each of these can be wrapped around the table twice, hence the reason there are a total of eight straps used to secure the body to the massage table. Once in place, I am squirming, or the guy I tied up is squirming.

The light and heavy duty vibrators for pleasure and torment. I always make sure there is an extension cord. A word of caution here. Never use the heavy duty vibrator on a cock that is not covered by jeans, a towel, etc., but the heavy duty vibrator used through the jeans lends intensity of cock play to the scene, and will definitely drive you nuts, and keep you squirming. (It does me)

The blanket with more rope. This is generally used later on in the scene to add an extra layer. The rope is not only used to keep the blanket in place, but also serves as more restraint. The heavy duty vibrator here, along with the restraint will keep you (or me) squirming, moaning and begging for more.

I have found that having everything laid out in an orderly manner makes for a much more pleasurable bondage scene. Whether I am getting tied up, or doing the tying having everything neat and orderly keeps the scene flowing, without having to fumble around looking for something. Disorganization is a scene killer.
Also, I like to make sure I am playing in a room where the temperature is comfortable, in my case between 70 and 73 degrees F, not to cold, not to hot.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I have gone for some very awesome Straight Jacket Rides strapped to the Massage Table. Here are are few pictures of scenes condensed of the rides I had so far this year. Okay, most of them I was wearing various High Top Converse Sneakers, but, I definitely loved the ones with the Sanuk Vagabond Sidewalk Surf Shoes, and the Indian Moccasins, which I titled "Captured Mug In Moccasins"