Guys tied up primarily wearing Sneakers, along with Jeans, Gear, and/or Boots. I love to do it, and have it done to me, so I hope you enjoy this fun blog. If you really love sneakers (and if you are like me, really love retro high top sneakers), bondage and especially straight jackets, you came to the right place. (Sorry no nudity or porn, just fun bondage stuff)

Thursday, April 28, 2016


                                                    TRANSPORTED BACK IN TIME

I started to wake up, but everything was still black. I could feel my cock inside my Levis. The lucid dream beats were keeping me in my head space. Suddenly I saw flashing red lights. I squirmed and tried to speak, but found while I had fallen asleep, I was gagged with duct tape. After a moment, everything turned gray, then black again. I could feel myself tugging against the straight jacket and straps, and the only thing this did was get me more aroused.

Time had literally slowed to a crawl. I was very high from the the pot, and continuing to be fed poppers, I could see Jimmy teasing my cock through my Levis, both with his hands, a vibrator, and his mouth. Jimmy was keeping me high, and I during this whole time I was in and out of the trans being his bondage play thing and him keeping me on the edge.

I had no idea how much time had elapsed, but I felt something going over my body, and my body being secured even further to the table.

By now, I was totally in my bondage prison. I could feel a Venus Milker on my cock. Continuing to be fed Poppers and being in and out of a trans, I was seeing different colors again, I did not want this to end. Suddenly I felt the milker stop, the ropes being undone. The blanket was being re positioned, , and I was secured to the blanket again, Everything turned to a bright light, and I could see Jimmy standing over me proud of his bondage toy.

I was fed more Poppers and drifted off. I felt heavy vibrations on my cock (which was a heavy duty vibrator). I was squirming and moaning, but Jimmy's voice in my head was telling me this was a test, as the longer I could hold out, the more I would enjoy the climax. Squirming, moaning and enjoying myself, suddenly a minute felt like an eternity. At this point, something weird happened. I was now Jimmy strapped to the table, and he was my prisoner and play toy. This was making me squirm and moan even more, while the heavy vibrations were getting more relentless, being pushed to where I wanted to shoot, but just stopping short.

The heavy vibrations on the cock stopped. I then felt like I was not tied down tight anymore, The ropes from the blanket must have been removed. After another Popper Hit, I felt the straps being taken very tight. I could feel my cock being taken out of my Levis, and felt hooked up to a venus milking machine where it was turned on very slowly, though it was not a venus, it was Jimmy's mouth on my cock..

The lucid dream music,  Pot and Poppers now had me in a totally trans and semi concious state. After another popper hit, head space transformed me into Jimmy tied up and played with, tormented, and kept on the edge.

My head then shifted back to what I thought was a venus milking machine, but it was Jimmy's mouth on my cock. With a towel now over my face, the binural beats and the Poppers, I was on the edge, squirming and moaning. I could see Jimmy looking hot in those Levis and Wrestling Shoes with his hot mouth on my cock, getting me close, stopping, getting me close, stopping, getting me close, stopping. This felt like an eternity, and I could see colors going from black to white to gray back to black. I was now torn, because I wanted to shoot, but also did not want the scene to end.

Jimmy fed me one more popper hit, I then fell into a totally trans like state not knowing where I was. Everything had now turned black. At this point I had actually felt like I was somewhere between earth and heaven. After a little while, I could feel it was quite wet at my cock. I was out of it and shot my load. Still feeling out of it, I could see Jimmy stroking my cock, keeping me on the edge and trying to milk another load out of me. For some reason, I was not sensitive, but squirming and enjoying this, and after a little while shot a second load.

After shooting twice I had come back to reality and my surroundings, though in short order, I shot a third time. At this point, I was finally spent. I wondered how much time had elapsed, as again, it felt like an eternity. Once I was untied, I looked at the cock, and it had been about an hour and a half, but it felt much longer.

I felt totally re juveniated from this scene, and honestly felt like during the scene. I was transported back in time playing with a guy I had played with two decades ago, and twice I could see Jimmy tied up, and during these times I felt like I was Jimmy who was my Bondage Toy. The lucid dream music playing during the scene had put me in a relaxing state, and the pot and poppers had me feeling like I was off in another world and sedated.

Friday, April 22, 2016


                                    TRANSPORTED BACK IN TIME - PART II

The lucid dream music had my whole body tingling, with my mind off in another place. At this point, the only thing I could feel was my rock hard cock underneath my Levis, and my feet feeling nice inside those Asics Wrestling Shoes.

I could feel my cock being teased with a vibrator and it was awesome. I had no idea how long this went on, but it stopped, and I was given another Popper Hit, and drifted back into a trans. Slowly, I could feel straps being placed over my body, one by one, with each strap being put into place, taken snug, then tighted.

During this time periodically I could see color changes. Black would go to purple, that would go to flashing red, to gray, back to black.  I was squirming under those straps. Suddenly, everything went bright, and I could see myself strapped to the table from a mirror mounted on the ceiling, with Jimmy looking all hot standing over the table deciding what came next for his prize.

Strapped down, and tugging at the straps, between the lucid dream music, Pot and Poppers, I was in quite the head space, and trans. At this point, I could feel my cock  being pulled out of my Levis, with latex gloves on my cock and a very cold metal rod being inserted up my piss hole as I was being sounded. (While I was not actually sounded the trans like state allowed me feel this, and it was quite pleasurable).

By now I was exceptionally horny, and was enjoying my bondage prison, and being Jimmy's captive. After one more popper hit, I drifted off into a nice nap.

Come back next week to see the Finale 

Friday, April 15, 2016


                                                   TRANSPORTED BACK IN TIME

I recently found on E Bay a pair of Asics JN20 Wrestling Shoes from the 1980's and 1990's. I lucked out as John happened to be available, but before you begin to read this story, read Asics JN 20 Wrestling Shoes, Retro from the 1980's, as this was a scene I had done in the mid 1990's.

Knowing John was coming over, my goal was to re live this scene, except the bondage would be more heavy this time. I got dressed putting on a pair of Levis 513 Jeans going Commando, with the ankles cuffed at the ankles, white socks, the Asics JN20 Wrestling Shoes, and a White Tee Shirt.

John arrived, set up the table, and quickly trussed me up in the Straight Jacket. I sat on the edge of the table, where John fired up a joint, and we shared it. After about seven hits, I was starting to get stoned. It only took a little while for the pot to kick in at full effect.

John then took an ace bandage wrap and wrapped it around my eyes, then placed the leather hood into place where it was tied tight. I was then laid back on the table.

With the ace bandage wrap and hood totally blocking out all light, The headphones went on playing Erotic Lucid Dreaming Teasing Fantasy, I was given my first Popper hit, and at this point I could see Jimmy on the train with me, wearing the exact same outfit, except this time he was without his Girlfriend. Being there was no one else on the train, we were able to talk about bondage.

The binural beats were quickly putting me into a trans and suddenly everything went black. A few minutes later I saw a bright light where I awoke, and saw myself in the straight jacket on the table still wearing the Levis and the Wrestling Shoes. I was Jimmy standing over me wearing his Levis, White Asics JN20 Wrestling Shoes, and a white tee shirt. I could hear Jimmy telling me we were going to have a lot of fun. As I tugged at the straight jacket, I found I was going no where, and drifted back off into a trans, knowing I would be his prisoner, but not knowing where my brain might transport me.

A few minutes later, everything went light again, and I could see Jimmy securing each ankle to the table. He was taking his time, and I was getting aroused. Every so often, he would stop, massage my feet though my Wrestling Shoes and my legs, then go back to the tying.

It was time for another Popper hit, and I was so relaxed and stoned from the Pot and Poppers, and the binural beats we helping. Suddenly, I could see flashing red lights, then everything went black.

Come Back Next Week to See What Happens Next

Friday, April 8, 2016


Back in the mid 1990's, I had a pair of Asics JN 20 Wrestling Kicks. They were quite comfortable, and wore then all time time. I actually had several pairs of these kicks, until I wore the last ones out around 2009. (Stupid Me, I should have made sure I kept one pair nice). Recently, I was able to find a pair of these on E Bay.

As these pictures were being taken, something came to mind. It was when I was living back in Virginia at the time in the mid 1990's. One day, it was late spring, I was on the Metro Rail train, and I was wearing these kicks with a pair of Levis. At one of the stations, a guy got on with his Girlfriend, and sat across from me. This guy was in his mid 20's, about 5'8", weighed about 140 pounds with blue eyes and sandy brown hair. As I looked at him, I thought how how it would have been for me to tie him up or have him tie me up, and I wondered if he was into bondage.

While on the train we did not speak, we kind of looked at each other periodically, and was beginning if he was wondering the same thing. After a few more stops, I had arrived at my station, and it was time to get off the train.

Well, about six months later I was in a local shopping mall on a Saturday Afternoon, and by now it was Fall, and College Football Season was in full swing. After I was done with my shopping, I went into a bar to get something to eat, and have a beer. A Guy came up and asked me if the seat next to me was taken, and I said "No". As I looked it was the same Guy I had seen on the train six months earlier, and just like me that day, he was wearing the same Asics Wrestling kicks with Levis and a tee shirt.

He sat down, and we started talking. I told him "nice kicks" and he said "thanks". I introduced myself as John, and he told me his name was Jimmy. We talked about a lot of things while watching Football, but this was not the time and place to broach if he was into bondage. After a while, his Girlfriend showed up. They had one drink and left. I thought to myself "Oh Well".

"Oh Well" may have been right. About a week later, I was cruising around on America on Line. (AOL) had one of the first sets of Chat Rooms when the Internet was in its infancy. I was in a Men for Men Room, and I had started talking with this Guy, who said his name was Jimmy. I described myself, and he described himself, 5'8", 140 pounds, blue eyes, sandy brown hair and 25 years old. I thought, "No, this could not be him, he had a Girlfriend". As we talked some more, he did say he had a Girlfriend, but was also into messing with Guys, and this was the perfect opportunity, as his Girlfriend as out of town on a business trip. I asked him if he had ever tied up anyone or been tied up, he said "No", but he wanted to do both. As we talked some more, our on line conversation turned into a a telephone conversation. As we started talking about meeting up, and tying each other up, I asked him if he had a pair of Wrestling Shoes, as these looked quite hot with Levis. He said he did. As we talked a little more, he said he would feel more comfortable about coming to my place, and I felt comfortable having him over. We decided we would both wear Levis, Tee Shirts, White Sox, and our Asics Wrestling Shoes. Jimmy said he would be there in a half an hour.

(Remember, it is really not safe to get into a bondage session with someone you just met on line, however, back then, being the Internet was new, people were more willing to take chances, especially when they were horny).

When Jimmy arrived, we looked at each other and just laughed. I asked Jimmy if he was horny, and he said "I am horny as shit Dude". He came in, and we had a beer. Jimmy said he was ready to get tied up.

I broke out a blindfold and blindfolded him. He was instantly rock hard inside those Levis. I took him down the hall to the Den, where I laid him on his back on the bondage cot. I then took rope, and secured each wrist to the frame of the cot. I then did the same to each ankle, then took six lashing straps and secured his body to the cot. When I was done, I thought "Dam", here was this Boy in Levis, a Tee Shirt and those White Wrestling Shoes tied up and under my control. I asked him how he felt, and he said "I have always wanted to do this". Of course, I had to let him squirm for a little while.

I began to play with his nipples through his shirt, then took his shirt up, and put on the nipple clamps. I then teased his cock through his Levis on and off. This went on for a half an hour. This was getting him more horny, and I am not sure who was enjoying this more, me or him. Of course I was feeding him Poppers.

Finally, I took his cock out and slowly began to stroke it, but I had begun to feed him more Poppers By now, he was so horny and just wanted to shoot his load, as he was begging for release, but I would get him close, stop, get him close, stop, get him close, stop. I did this for almost another hour. Finally, he shot his load, but I stroked his cock some more, and he shot a second load. I tried to mik another load out of him but he was begging me to stop, as his body was pulling against the rope and the straps. I was relentless, and finally, he shot a third load. At this point, I decided he had enough, got a towel, cleaned up up and released him. After another Beer, the scene would repeat itself, only this time, I was the one tied up, and Jimmy totally turned the tables on me, except this time, he used some duct tape over my mouth.

After we both had gotten off, we had another Beer. Jimmy thanked me for a fun night, and me helping him turn his fantasy into reality and left. Jimmy and I did manage to play a few more times, but he moved with his Girlfriend to California.

While these are not the pics for that scene, I decided to capture some pics of Levis and these kicks anyway. Of course I was hooded, gagged and handcuffed.

I am going to have to do a scene wearing these kicks where I am trussed up in the Straight Jacket and strapped to the Massage Table with Binural Beats playing through the head phones. This peaked my interest, as I would love to see my brain is transported back to this scene I did with Jimmy.

Friday, April 1, 2016


I was loving being tied up. Finally, Professor Hinkel came in, and undid the ropes and took off the blanket. He took off the gag long enough to give me five hits off a joint, and then gagged me again. He then fed me poppers, then continued to go to work on my cock though my jeans, alternating the vibrators between the gentle vibrators and the heavy duty vibrators. I was still feeling electrical impulses to my brain and my nipples, and every time I head a clap of Thunder, my feet were comfortable and sweaty in my Sanuks, and I pulled against the straps.

I knew that Cock Endurance and Cum Control was part of the programming process, and we needed to see how long I could hold out. This was so enjoyable, being tied up and controlled.

My feet were feeling real nice inside the Sanuks, and I could feel the sweat starting to form inside the leather hood, but did not want it to end just yet.

Professor Hinkel decided it was getting close to the finale, so he gave me another Popper hit, then drapped a towel over my face. He then pulled my cock outside of my jeans began to suck it, keeping me on the edge. Professor Hinkel would stop, feed me some more poppers then put the towel back, and go back down on my hard cock hard cock. This went on for about another twenty minutes, when Professor Hinkel allowed me to shot a huge load. Professor Hinkel continued to stroke me until I shot l shot again. At this point, I was begging for him to stop through the gag, but my pleas went ignored, and I hot a third time.

The White Noise Stopped, and the gag was removed. 

Professor Hinkel: Johnny, you were tied up nine hours, did you enjoy this.
Johnny: Yes Sir.

Professor Hinkel. My studies are proving that with guys there are certain fetishes that get people aroused, but I am a long way from being able to publish anything, as I need to find another bondage fiend, and you are going to help. You will find a guy who is an Academic, I don't want any Jocks, and we will program him to like heavy bondage and control just as we did you.

Johnny: Yes Sir. I hope I am successful in my quest.

Professor Hinkel had me spend the night. The next morning, I could see outside, but we were somewhere in the country, and I had no idea where I was.  There were no other houses in the area, and the house was about a quarter of a mile off the road.

After a cup of coffee, Professor Hinkel put me in handcuff's, put the blindfold on me, placed me in his car, and drove me back to the observatory. Once there, the blindfold and handcuffs were removed. Professor Hinkel then told me to keep this confidential, and to find another bondage fiend.  Then he left.

This session was even more intense than the last one, and it proves that you can be programmed to like certain fetishes associated with bondage, and be programmed to enjoy heavy bondage as a beginner, and programmed for control.

Dam, I hope I find another bondage fiend for programming. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016


For some reason, there is real time and bondage time, and time had slowed to a crawl. I could feel myself pulling against the straps, high and electrical impulses being delivered to my brain. I then felt duct tape being placed over my mouth. As before, the experience intensified, as now I could not see, speak or barely hear. The White Noise continued.

I felt a left needle go into my left ankle. Something must have been injected into me, because after a few minutes I fell asleep.

I had no idea how long I was asleep for, but I was dreaming that I was secured to the table even further, electrical impulses not only to my brain, but to my nipples as well, and the heavy duty vibrator used on my cock. When I woke up, I felt the heavy duty vibrator being used on my cock. Professor Hinkel briefly stopped to feed me poppers, then would start again. I had no idea how long this was going on for, but it was feeling like an eternity. I was now programmed to not only enjoy bondage, but heavy bondage, drugged up with cum control. I was still high from the pot, and I could feel the blanket on my ankles, so I knew I was secured under the blanket.

Finally, the White Noise stopped.

Professor Hinkel: Johnny, time to leave you to your devices for a while.

I moaned into the gag.

                                                               To Be Continued

Friday, March 18, 2016


After I wrote my last College Boy Programming Series last fall, I decided it was time for another one, so here it goes. I hope you like it.

Since the programming session with Professor Hinkel, a month had elapsed. There have been four seminars since then, and sex and bondage was never discussed in any of these seminars. I knew I had been programmed to enjoy bondage, and was wondering when the next session with Professor Hinkel would come, or even if it would come. When my mind wandered back to that session, I got extremely hard just thinking about it.

One afternoon, I was walking across campus, when the phone rang.

Johnny: Hello
Professor Hinkel: Hello Johnny, I can see you, but you can't see me, Promethius!
Johnny: Yes Sir
Professor Hinkel: You look very hot in those Levi Jeans and the blue and white gingham shirt with the tie. What are those shoes on your feet?
Johnny: Sanuk Pick Pocket Surf Shoes Sir. I am wearing them without socks.
Professor Hinkel: Excellent, when did you get off last?
Johnny: Five days ago Sir.
Professor Hinkel: Excellent!. Wear what you are wearing now, and meet me at the observatory at 7:00 PM.
Johnny: Yes Sir.

Professor Hinkel hung up the phone. I was getting hard and aroused, but knew I would not have to wait long, as it was already pushing 5:00. I went and got something to eat, and then drove to the observatory. It was a dark moonless night, and arrived again at 6:55 PM. I turned off the car engine, got out of the car. After a few minutes, I saw headlights stab out into the darkness. The car pulled up next to me, and the driver switched off the engine and got out. It was Professor Hinkel.

Professor Hinkel: Hello Johnny.
Johnny: Hello Professor Hinkel
Professor Hinkel: Are you ready Johnny?
Johnny: Yes Sir.

Professor Hinkel then put a blindfold on me, pulled my arms behind my back and handcuffed me. He then used a duct tape gag, then put a pillow case over my head. I was placed in the right rear portion of Professor Hinkel's car, where the seat belt was fastened. Dr. Hinkel then started the engine and drove off.

This was just like the last time, but my mind started to wander and race. Would I be taken to the same location? Would I be taken to a different location? Would others be involved this time?  While my mind continued to race with these questions, my cock started to get hard inside my jeans.

I don't know how much time elapsed, but we arrived at our destination. Professor Hinkel switched off the engine. He came and undid the seat belt, and got me out of the car. Professor Hinkel told me not to talk, and he removed pillow case and the gag, but not the blindfold. A wrap was placed around my eyes and taped into place. The leather hood was placed on my head and tied into place. The handcuffs were undone, and I was told to hold my arms out in front of me. As I complied, I could feel the straight jacket being fitted. Each time Professor Hinkel fastened a strap behind the back of the straight jacket, I was getting more aroused. Finally, I was totally secure in the straight jacket.

I was then taken inside to a room, where I was helped onto the table. Professor Hinkel put the headphones in place, playing the same White Noise as the last time. He laid me back on the table, where he then placed an ankle restraint on my right ankle and secured it to the table. He did the same with the left.

Once this was done, Professor Hinkel fired up a joint. He had me take two hits off the joint. After a few minutes, he had me take a few more hits off the joint. After a few more minutes he had me take a few more hits off the joint, and after a few more minutes two more hits of the joint. I was now starting to get extremely high.

Professor Hinkel then broke out the bottle of Poppers and fed them to me. I was now in bondage heaven. Every time I head a clap of thunder through the headphones, my toes curled inside my Sanuks, and again just like last time, I found this hard wired to my cock. My mind went back to our original scene where I was wearing the Red High Top Vans, and found I had been programmed to be a sneaker and shoe bondage fiend. I actually liked being tied up wearing the Sanuks.

Professor Hinkle then took two straps, and secured me to the table. He then fed me a Popper Hit, and then very roughly tightened the two straps. He then did this a total of four more times, until there were eight straps securing me to the table.

I was high, in the head space, and enjoying this. My cock was so hard inside my jeans, and every time I heard a clap of thunder, my cock got even harder, and I would pull against the straps.

I then felt this pinch on the left side of my neck. The White Noise Stopped.

Professor Hinkel: Johnny, with that pinch, the electrode wire is being threaded to your brain.

At this point, I felt a metal wire being placed into my brain, and I was now feeling the electrical impulses into my brain.

I was totally programmed, and at his mercy and disposal. The White Noise continued.

To Be Continued

Friday, March 11, 2016


The teasing went on, but it was time to take it to the next level.

It was time for two more hits of the joint, and another Popper Hit.

It was then gagged, and the blanket was drapped over my body still wearing the Converse. A rope would be wrapped around a total of six times, adding to the intensity of the bondage.

I was off in another world, and I again felt my self flying through outer space. John then took the light duty vibrator, and left it on my cock where he proceeded to feed me more Poppers. At this point, I was really moaning and squirming, and with another popper hit began to use the heavy duty vibrator on my cock.

This feeling was really awesome, as my head was off in another world. Being totally relaxed, John would feed me Poppers and use the heavy duty vibrator on my cock six times, getting me close and stopping, but what I saw was not John, it was each of my High School and College Friends wearing their White High Top Converse taking their turns having their way with me.

At this point, I had no idea how long I had been under the blanket as the Inural Beats and Isochronic Tones along with the pot and Poppers kept me in a head space. John decided it was time for the blanket to come off.

John started teasing my cock through my Levis, and feeding me Poppers. Finally, I could feel my cock come out of my Levis and it being played with.

I was given a Popper hit, and everything became really intense. I could see the colors red, then purple, then everything went black. I felt hooked up to a venus milking machine and my cock being teased. I had no idea how long this went on, but I was so relaxed.

A little while later, I was given two more Popper Hits. Again, I could see the colors red, then purple, then everything went black. This got weird, but I was enjoying it, and knew I was with someone I could totally trust. I could see and feel my strapped body was being placed into a coffin. I could see the cover of the coffin close. The venus milking machine was working my cock, as I was sqirming, and being kept on the edge.

With another popper hit, I could see and feel myself being lowered into the ground, then dirt put over the coffin. I was feeling like the tied up Converse Boy buried alive and did not want into to end.

The venus was milking my cock. I had no idea how long I had been tied up at this point, but after several times, I shot. I was still feeling like I was buried alive, and after a few minutes, I shot again. I could not take any more.

John the removed the headphones, the leather hood and the blindfold. In the end, what I was feeling was not a venus milker, but John's mouth on my cock.

At this point, I had been tied up almost two hours. This was a great relaxing scene, and the pot and poppers helped. I guess with Astural Projection Sleep Music with Inural Beats and Isochronic Tones, you can relax, and your mind can make you see and feel different things that are pleasureable. The bondage adds to it.

While I can't wait for my next scene, I am wondering who else out there has done a scene like this. If you have, please comment, as I would love to hear from you and what your experiences were.