Guys tied up primarily wearing Sneakers, along with Jeans, Gear, and/or Boots. I love to do it, and have it done to me, so I hope you enjoy this fun blog. If you really love sneakers (and if you are like me, really love retro high top sneakers), bondage and especially straight jackets, you came to the right place. (Sorry no nudity or porn, just fun bondage stuff)

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Kevin and Dan came back, and briefly took the head phones off. They woke me up, and said I had been asleep for an hour.

I told them that I had dreamed of them getting me off, and that it was hot to be the captive. Kevin said they would make it more intense, and fired up a joint, and fed more four hits of the joint. It did not take me long to get more stoned. Dan put the headphones back into place, and Kevin fed me some more Poppers.

Kevin and Dan played with me some more using both a regular vibrator and heavy duty vibrator on my cock through my jeans. They would get me close, stop, then get me close again, stop, get me close again and stop.

After a while, I was given another popper hit. I would be gagged, then Kevin and Dan placed a blanket over me, and used a long rope to secure the blanket to the table. I was still wearing my boots.


The rope would be wrapped around eight times every tightly. Already in the straight jacket and strapped to the table underneath with eight straps, I knew I was not going anywhere. The White Noise kept playing. Kevin fed me some Poppers  while Dan used the heavy duty vibrator over the blanket on my cock. My mind was in another world, and thoroughly enjoying this, as I was living the dream. Dan would get me close with the heavy duty vibrator, and would stop, just long enough for Kevin to give me another popper hit and start again. I was squirming in my bonds, and every time I thought of the two of them dressed wearing their LL Bean boots, this LL Bean Boot Boy was moaning and squirming even more. I was really loving this, and did not want it to end.

Kevin and Dan kept this up, but I had no idea for how long. The squirming and moaning got more intense, with all the straps, rope and straight jacket holding me firmly in place, which was getting me more aroused. At this point this was really torment, and being high from the pot and poppers, felt something wet around my dick. At this point, I had shot my load into my jeans under the blanket. Kevin and Dan knew I had shot, but kept feeding me poppers being relentless with the heavy duty vibrator. I continued to squirm and moan. They kept this up for a while, and subsequently shot into my jeans again.

Kevin and Dan kept trying to see if I had a third load in me, but after about fifteen minutes decided I had had enough and stopped.

They undid the ropes, and took the blanket off me. They undid the straps and the ropes on the ankles and sat me up. They took off the leather hood and blindfold, then the straight jacket. Finally, I was free.

When they asked what I had thought, I told them that it was an experience to be the captured LL Bean Boot Boy captured by two other LL Bean Boot Boys.

Being we were spent from the experience, we hung out and watched television for a while, then went to bed.

The next morning we were up. I told Kevin and Dan that I was glad they shared their bondage likes with me. Kevin and Dan said that it would be fun to have another bondage playmate their final year at college.

We all texted each other when we got home, so everyone knew everyone got home safe. During Christmas vacation, each time I thought about being tied up by Kevin and Dan got me hard, but I am hoping that I will get to tie up each of them next semester, of course, with them wearing their LL Bean Boots as well.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Kevin and Dan kept feeding me Poppers and playing with me. Suddenly, Kevin took more straps and secured the rest of my body. Dan played with me while I was getting strapped tighter to the table. After they were done, they suddenly stopped, admiring their work. Dan said, "You just relax, we will be back in a bit". Kevin and Dan left and closed the door.

Knowing I would eventually be the play thing, this got me more aroused. Envisioning them wearing their LL Bean Boots, with me wearing my LL Bean Boots got me more aroused, as I drifted off to sleep, without a care in the world.

To Be Continued

Thursday, June 16, 2016


I was getting excited about being tied up, and my cock was starting to show it. Kevin held my head still, while Dan wrapped up the eyes in an ace bandage wrap, and taped the wrap into place. Kevin then put the hood into place and laced it up very tight. Kevin and Dan then walked me down the hall to the bedroom, where I was placed in the Straight Jacket. The hoodie was pulled up over the leather hood. I was laid back on the table. The headphones went into place playing White Noise. Kevin and Dan placed for straps on my upper body, then both went to work securing my ankles to the table.

One the ankles were secured, Dan secured the four upper body and chest straps to the table, while Kevin secured two more straps around the upper parts of the legs.

I was getting quite aroused, as Kevin and Dan were massaging my legs and my cock. I was squirming against the bonds, but I knew I was going no where. 

Suddenly, I felt one nostril pinched off, and Kevin told me to inhale. I inhaled, held it, then exhaled. Kevin did the same to the other nostril. This produced a nice head rush on top of the pot, as I was already stoned. I was already relaxing with the White Noise, and my hard cock under my jeans was a combination of pleasure and torment.

For me, this was like a dream come true. I was tied up and was about to become the plaything of my two Boot Boy Friends.

To Be Continued

Thursday, June 9, 2016


My name is Connor. I am a College Senior majoring in Political Science and History from Virginia. I have two friends, Kevin, who is a Marketing Manager and Dan who like me is a Political Science Major. I met Kevin Freshman Year, and came to know Dan as we had some of the same classes together. I met Kevin about a year later, as he became Kevin and Dan became roommates when they moved off campus. Kevin and Dan lived about forty miles apart and are from Ohio.

As time went on Kevin, Dan and I became really good friends. I would hang out at their off campus house, and they would hang out with me and my hallmates in our Residence Hall. When we all turned 21, we often hit the same bars together.

The week before Christmas was finals week. Once the final exams were done, our Residence Hall started to clear out. Everyone needed to be out the Sunday before Christmas. While I wanted to go home and see my family and friends, I was up for staying at school one more weekend. Being Kevin and Dan had the house off campus, they were able to stay. Kevin and Dan decided to stay the weekend, and leave for home on Monday. I told them I would stay until Sunday, but had to leave because the Residence Halls were closing. Kevin and Dan told me I could stay with them Sunday night, so I instantly accepted. Even though we had all become close and trusting friends, we would all find something out that day, which would bring us even closer.

I arrived at Kevin and Dan's about noon on Sunday. I was wearing a pair of Levi's 513 Jeans, a tee shirt, a light gray hoodie and my Redskins Jersey along with my ten inch LL Bean Boots. I walked in, and saw Kevin and Dan, both of who were dressed, and each of them was wearing their LL Bean Boots.



Kevin and Dan had the NFL Ticket, so they were able to enjoy the Bengals while I was able to enjoy the Redskins.

Around the beginning of the third quarter, the Pizza we had sent out for had arrived. We sat and enjoyed a few beer's and had the Pizza. When the game was over, Kevin broke out the bong, stuffed it with pot, lit it up and began passing it around. We each took about four hits, and we were now starting to get stoned. I mentioned that it seems like once October rolled around, we shed the Sneakers, Flip Flops and Sanuks for the LL Bean boots, and that we always wore them until April. At this point, Kevin said, I guess we all love our LL Bean Boots..

At this point, Kevin decided to roll the dice and tell me that him and Dan loved to play tie up games with each other, and did this often, and found it a great stress relief.  Having only been tied up a few times myself, I told Kevin and Dan that I to liked to be tied up, but for some reason never broached it at school.

Dan asked me if I had a bondage fantasy, and I told him I did. It would be for me to be tied up and played with while I was wearing Jeans and LL Bean Boots, or do the same to someone else.

Kevin and Dan took me to a bedroom where the door had been closed and opened it. The room consisted of a Massage Table. Laid out on the bed was a Canvas Posey Straight Jacket, straps, rope and a blanket.

We all looked at each other, and I was getting hard in my Levis. Dan said lets go back to the Living Room. Kevin packed up another bowl on the Bong, and we passed it around some more, with each of us having about four more bong hits. We were now really stoned. Dan said, "Someone is getting tied up, but who"? Kevin left for a moment and had three folded pieces of paper in a cap. Two pieces of paper said "Sorry",  while one said "Enjoy". The one who drew "Enjoy" would be the one to get tied up.

Being I was their guest, I drew first, and drew "Enjoy".  Dan went to the bedroom and came back with an ace bandage wrap and leather hood.

To Be Continued

Thursday, June 2, 2016


I have tied and photoed Jeff more times than any other guy.  Each time, Jeff was teased and tormented as well as kept on the edge until I decided it was time for his happy ending.

This is the first set pics. I first met Jeff Thanksgiving Weekend in 2010, when he was home from College on break. He showed up wearing Jeans, and I gave him my White Pro Keds CVO Mid Top Sneakers to wear. He was wanting his first bondage session, and wanted to be completely at my mercy.  We started out with the straight jacket and hog tie, then moved to the gag. Later, he would be tied to the sofa bed.

About six months had elapsed, and Jeff was away at school He said he had not found any bondage, and needed to be tied up again. The showed up wearing a pair of Kacki shorts and a tee shirt with Flip Flops. He wanted to get tied spread eagle this time, and he was ready to obey. I outfitted him with my gray Sanuk Donnie kicks. This time he would be blindfolded and hooded, with a duct tape gag later added.

A few months later Jeff contacted me and said he wanted to get tied up again in the Straight Jacket and Boxer Shorts. He showed up wearing Flip Flops, and this time, I gave him my Kacki Sanuk Vagabond Sidewalk Surf Shoes to wear. He got trussed up in the straight jacket, positioned on the sofa bed, blindfolded, then secured.

Jeff and I talked periodically on line, but he was not coming home much, so about a year had elapsed. Jeff contacted me and wanted another bondage session, but at this point, he was not watching his diet, and he was not working out. Jeff was now weighing about 240 pounds, and barely fit into the straight Jacket. For this scene, I started him tied to a chair in the closet. This time, I outfitted him with my Keds Canvas Chukka Boots. After being punished in the closet for a while, it was time to move him to the bed.

By now, almost another year had elapsed, and I did not hear from Jeff at all. Out of the blue one day, he sent me a message indicating he wanted another straight jacket ride. When when he showed up, he has lost seventy pounds, and was working out daily. I wanted to capture a scene with Jeff in the straight jacket with those Pro Keds Chukka Boots. He looked quite nice in those slim fitting Levis.

At this point, I had five sessions with Jeff. In early July, 2015, he contacted me wanting a bondage session, where he would be hog tied tight in the Straight Jacket. He got what he wanted, then also got tied to the bed in the straight jacket. Click on these two links, to see what type of mischief we gout ourselves into. Jeff was tied in shorts and Saunk Vagabond Sidewalk Surf Shoes.

Jeff had not been able to find anyone else to tie him up, but because we had met several times, right after Christmas in 2015, Jeff called me and said he was in need of a Straight Jacket ride. This scene went on for several hours, and you can click on each of the links to see the fun we had. This time, I outfitted Jeff with the Levis Bondage Shorts and my Red Vans 106 High Top Sneakers.

Though it was not to long before Jeff was ready to get tied up again, because he was out and about and sent me a message, and asked if I was available for a scene. At this point, only about six weeks had elapsed, so I was. Jeff was here in ten minutes. This time, he got tied up in the Straight Jacket and a Jock Strap wearing my Black Vans Authentic High Top Sneakers. Click on the links to see what we got into here.