Guys tied up primarily wearing Sneakers, along with Jeans, Gear, and/or Boots. I love to do it, and have it done to me, so I hope you enjoy this fun blog. If you really love sneakers (and if you are like me, really love retro high top sneakers), bondage and especially straight jackets, you came to the right place. (Sorry no nudity or porn, just fun bondage stuff)

Thursday, October 2, 2014


I don't have any new pics of me tied up or me tying up someone, but I did run across this video from Bound Pride. Hope you like. Click on the picture to watch.

Friday, September 19, 2014


I expect to be meeting up with John again sometime in the next month to get tied to his Massage Table. Here I am looking for some input for my readers on which kicks for the next scene. The question, which kicks should I wear with the Levis and the Straight Jacket for the next scene?

Being I am having a problem with the poll, leave your comments.

The Sanuks with the Straight Jacket, except this time with a leather hood. 

The White Converse Sneakers.

 The Clarks Chukka Boots

Thursday, September 11, 2014


It seems that my pictures of me tied to the Massage Table, primarily in my Canvas Posey Hospital Straight Jacket are quite popular. So you would not have to go searching around this blog to see them all, I decided to post a picture of each session. If you click the link above each of these pictures, it will take you to the full set of pictures done during that particular session.


                                                                  (DONE JUNE, 2014)




Unfortunately the table does not belong to me, it belongs to a friend who visits town periodically, but everything else is mine.

Hopefully I can find some other bondage material I have done, either as the one tied up or the one doing the tying, as right now, I am out of new material. Visit often, because if I find something, it will go up, plus there is quite a bit of bondage material here for your enjoyment.

Friday, September 5, 2014


I have had a lot of fun with John this summer, being tied up to his massage table, in most cases in the straight jacket and having some pictures taken. John comes to town on business every so often, and has been here six times since the middle of May. We try to get together when he is in town. He is fun, and trust worthy

On a rainy Monday afternoon, John was in town and we got together. When he showed up, I was wearing a pair of Levis Jeans, Tee Shirt and my new Kacki/Tan Sanuk Vagabond Sidewalk surf shoes. I love these kicks, lightweight, comfortable, when going out can be worked with jeans, shorts and kackis. For a bondage scene, they are also great if you want to do a prison scene as they are slip ons. (No offense to the Flip Flop Fans, but you can wear these generally where Flip Flops are off limits).

As usual, after talking for a bit, John trussed me up in the straight jacket, got me positioned, then using ankle straps and lashing straps secured me to the table. These bondage devices are quite effective and far easier to use than rope.

The headphones went in, hooked up to the Ghetto Blaster. The scarf blindfold went on, then the cap, with a set of headphones to further help block out sound. John then started the usual Pink Floyd Music played through the headphones.

Here I was, now in a straight jacket, blindfolded, and strapped to the table. John started snapping pictures, while I found my headspace and relaxed. Of course in between the pictures, there was some nice teasing and playing going on as well.

John decided it was time to up the anti. He tossed a scarf over my face, which totally blocked out everything, and played with me some more as he snapped a few more pictures.

But while he was snapping a few pictures and letting me simmer, the vibrator was doing its work. This is always a combination between pleasure and torment.

John continued to play around and tease me until my stress was relieved. After two hours of confinement, I was ready to be released, which I was. As usual, a great time with a trusting friend.

I hope you enjoyed my summer posts, but as of right now, I am out of new material. As soon as I have found something, I will definitely post it, but feel free to come and visit and there is already a lot of material on this blog. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


My friend John has strapped me to his massage table several times, and was more than happy to not only tie me up and tease me, but take pictures as well.

John was in town, so on this particular day, I decided to go with a tee shirt, Timberland Board Shorts, and my Navy Blue Sanuk Base Line mid sneakers to create a beach look.

John arrived, we talked for a bit, and at the last minute John decided the straight jacket should be used, and he quickly trussed me up in it. He then got me into position on the massage table. Once that was done, the ear phones went in. Then on went the scarf blindfold. I love to be blindfolded when getting tied up, so, I can't see how I am being tied. I also like to use the same method on guys I tied up.

Once blindfolded, with the music turned on, the ankle restraints were put into place on each ankle, and seven lashing straps were used to secure my body to the table.

Let the pictures and teasing commence.

John then decided that it was time to feed me some poppers and put a towel over my face. This totally blacked out everything. Time for a few more pictures.

After the pics were taken, it was play and torment time. John would remove the towel from my face and feed me poppers. Sometimes he would put the towel back, other times he would not, but we were both having fun.
John was pressed for time that day, or so he said, so after about an hour, my stress was relieved. After that, John said he lied, and played around some more, where my stress got relived a second time.
I was then unstrapped from the table and removed from the straight jacket. My tee shirt and the canvas posey hospital jacket, as well as the pillows and scarf blindfold were soaked with sweat.
As usual, it was a fun time. 
I will say I bought this straight jacket in 2000, and have lost count of how many times I have been tied up in it or tied up other guys in it. The only difference is that it not as stiff as it once was, but all of the securing points are still in tact, so once you are in it, you are not going anywhere, especially if you are tied to a bed, table, chair, etc.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


I thought John was done with the pictures, but more Poppers were then administered, then a towel was tossed over my face. He took more pictures.


Once the pictures were all taken, John went to work with the vibrator. At least eight to ten times, the towel was removed from my face long enough for me to have some Poppers, with the towel to be quickly put back into place. John continued with the fun, and I remained securely strapped to the table for another hour and a half.

Finally, stress relief. After a few minutes, I was released from the table and the straight jacket.

If you don't have a bondage table, a massage table works very nicely. I have been secured to one several times. Toss in the straight jacket with ankle restraints and straps or rope, you are not going anywhere.