Guys tied up primarily wearing Sneakers, along with Jeans, Gear, and/or Boots. I love to do it, and have it done to me, so I hope you enjoy this fun blog. If you really love sneakers (and if you are like me, really love retro high top sneakers), bondage and especially straight jackets, you came to the right place. (Sorry no nudity or porn, just fun bondage stuff)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Slowly more straps were added until John had used a total of eight straps to secure me to the table. The pot by now had kicked in, the Lucid Dream Music had me off into another world, and I could feel my hard cock inside my Levis, More teasing and torment went on as poppers were being delivered. I was squirming and the straps were keeping me in place. My feet were feeling nice inside these Wrestling Shoes.

While John kept feeding me poppers and playing with me, At one point, being off in another world I felt as if a Venus Milking Machine was being used on my cock, but it was actually a vibrator. I was moaning to loud so it was time for a gag. This further enhanced the scene.

Suddenly, I felt each of the straps being taken tighter, and being played with some more, wondering what was coming next.

I could feel something go over my body, and being even more secured to the table. With the Lucid Dream Music, Pot and Poppers, all of reality had left my mind, and I was thoroughly relaxed in my nice warm bondage prison.

John of course kept feeding me Poppers. He used both the light duty vibrator and the heavy duty vibrator on my cock, making sure I was high and off in another world. He continued to do this for almost an hour.

Finally, under the blanket, I was feeling like the Bondage Boy experiment, in which with the heavy duty vibrator, how long would I hold out, but how many times would I shoot.

Finally, totally off in another world, I felt something happen at my cock. It was a wonderful experience, but John continued with the Poppers and the heavy duty vibrator, making me squirm and moan even more. With the straight jacket,each ankle restrained, eight body straps, plus the blanket where the rope was looped around me seven times, I was going no place, and feeling more like the Bondage Boy Experiment. I could feel my arms pulling at the straight jacket, my feet all sweaty in the Asics JN20 Wrestling shoes, and me pulling at the rope and straps, but the heavy duty vibrator was being relentless, and there was no escape.

At this point it was such pleasurable torment, being high from the Pot and Poppers, I would get close, where the vibrator would briefly stop, then start again. This happened a number of times.

Finally,  I shot into my Levis. I am not sure if this was the first time or the second time, but John kept feeding me more poppers, and using the heavy duty vibrator though the blanket. I am not sure how much time elapsed, but I finally shot another time. It was a fun experience, and found after I shot, I could take more teasing then usual. It was a defanately a huge turn on and fun experience.

John decided I had enough, and untied me. One he got the blanket off, there was a wet spot on the Levis. Once I was released I undressed and saw a puddle of cum under my Levis. I know I came at least twice, and possibly three times.

I was tied up for about an hour and a half. Lately, I have found that suits me fine. For some reason, I find this type of bondage a total stress relief and feet totally rejuveniated. Later, when I went to bed, I got a good night's sleep, which also occurs after a nice bondage experience.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


After I had gotten tied to the massage table about a month ago wearing Levis Jeans and my retro Asics JN20 Wrestling Shoes, I decided I wanted to do it again.

In preparation, this time under the straight jacket, I wore a white tee shirt, windbreaker jacket, and a light hoodie sweatshirt and gloves on my hands. When John arrived, he set up the table, and trussed me up into the straight jacket. John fired up a joint and we got stoned.

Once we were done with the joint, John used an ace bandage wrap around my eyes and set the leather hood into place. He then took the hood from the hoodie, pulled it up over my head, and tied that into place.  I was laid back on the table, and the headphones were playing Lucid Dream Music. After a Popper Hit, John started to secure my ankles to the table.

By now the Pot was starting to kick in, so a little torment was in order. He started to strap me to the table, of course taking his time.

Come Back Next Week

Thursday, October 6, 2016


After being tied up for a half an hour in the hog tie, I released Drake as he wanted to be tied up in the Straight Jacket. I stood him in front of the mirror, secured him into the Straight Jacket, then added some rope for some added tightness. An Ace Bandage was used to blindfold him, along with duct tape. The leather hood then went into place. Drake was placed on the bed to be further secured.

Drake was squirming, so it was time to add the duct tape gag, the headphones playing binaural beats, and feed him some poppers. Of course it was time to break out both vibrators, and torment him through those leggings.

I continued to use the vibrators on him for about a half an hour, when I decided it was time for his cock to come out and get slowly stroked, teased and edged. I did this for about another half an hour, where he finally shot. Of course, he was squirming and moaning the whole time.

Once he shot, I continued to stroke him some more, however, after about ten more minutes he was begging me to stop. Being completely tied up he was going no where. I did stop, but left him tied up and gagged for about another twenty more minutes before I released him.

Drake did enjoy his first time being tied up with a guy, and even more enjoyed the straight jacket. He said he needed a bondage release, and I was glad I could give it to him. Hopefully Drake will come back and see me again soon.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


I met Drake who had been tied up by Girls, but never by a Guy, and wanted to try it. He wanted to get tied wearing leggings that looked like jeans. I gave him the Black Converse Extra High Top Sneakers to wear. He brought along some arm binders and wanted to get hog tied, so I helped him out.

Come Back Next Week and see Drake getting his first Straight Jacket Ride