Guys tied up and me tied up primarily wearing Sneakers, along with Jeans, Gear, and/or Boots. I love to get tied up and tie up guys. If you really love straight jackets, coupled with sneakers, (especially Converse, Vans, PF Flyers and Sperry Topsiders), along with some boots and Saunk Vagabond kicks, you came to the right place. (Sorry no nudity or porn, just fun bondage stuff)

Thursday, May 12, 2022


When this guy got caught breaking into a warehouse, two loyal employees of the owner captured him, tied him to a pole, then called the Sheriff. When a Detective arrived and saw the suspect securely tied up to a pole, He placed the suspect under arrest and read him his rights. Being the suspect was already very secure, he was in no hurry to untie him, and handcuff him,  so he started to interrogate him regarding a series of warehouse break ins. The suspect was exercising his right to remain silent, so the Detective decided to keep the suspect tied to the pole until he had a change of mind and decided to cooperate. 

While trying to interrogate the first suspect, the two loyal employees located another burglar hiding out in the warehouse. He was captured, tied up and blindfolded, and kept secure until another Detective could arrive. This guy to was exercising his right to remain silent, so in addition to being secured to the pole, this suspect would be blindfold to contemplate whether he wanted to cooperate. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2022


This guy looks nice tied up and gagged in his low slip on Converse Chucks. 

Now he is nicely hogtied.

This guy pulls off a nice look in a suit and tie along with nice black low top Converse tied up and gagged. I wonder if he annoyed his Boss?

 I am admiring you hog tied in your white Converse Chucks while you sniff my socks. 

Soon he will be gagged.

Nice Hog Tie and Gag. The maroon Converse top it off nicely

Sorry, but you won't be going to the concert!

Two Roomies went out wearing their Converse Chucks. The guy on the left in a pair of low blue Converse and the guy on the right wearing a pair of black High Top Converse. When they came home, they walked in on a burglary in progress in their warehouse apartment. They were tied up and gagged, while the burglars finished the job and left. One of the burglars on the way out commented this was a two for one, we got what we came here looking for, and tied up two room mates wearing their Converse kicks. By the time they get loose to call the Cops, we will be long gone. 

Saturday, May 7, 2022


This guy looks nice tied up in his Converse Mid Top Sneakers. First secured to a wall.

Then hog tied

The secured to the bed for a nap

Then chair tied

I am sure he enjoyed his time tied up. To bad he was not tossed into the cage.

** These pics were culled from the web.

Thursday, May 5, 2022


This Prisoner was put into a prison jump suit, though the Warden did allow him to wear his black leather Converse High Top Sneakers. As you can tell, his wrists and ankles were secured with cuffs and chains, and chains that were attached to the tall were attached to a collar on his neck. This is how he was kept in captivity. 

This prisoner looks good with cuffs around his wrists and ankles in red Converse High Tops

This captive looks good roped to a chair and gagged in Yellow High Top Converse

** Culled from the Web

Tuesday, May 3, 2022


When Master Bondissimo gets you tied up, there is no escape, and though the years he has tied up guys and made them his captive in assorted Converse High Top Sneakers. 

This guy has an awesome web site, and has been doing video's of guys he has tied up since 2011, so be sure to check out his site.  MASTER BONDISSIMO WEB BLOG

Sunday, May 1, 2022


I always love to model the straight jacket with various kicks

 Here I am in my two tone blue low top Authentic Vans and the Straight Jacket.

Or how about black and white checker board Vans and the Straight Jacket

Friday, April 29, 2022


And just when I thought I was the only one who had been tied up wearing the classic black and white checker board Vans Sneakers, look at what I found.

** These pics were culled from the Web